Heritage Turkey volume 8

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News & events
A letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput
Lutgarde Vandeput & Leonidas Karakatsanis on THE MOVE and the new BIAA premises

Cultural heritage, society & economy
Lutgarde Vandeput, Gül Pulhan and Işılay Gürsu on Safeguarding archaeological assets
Işılay Gürsu on living amid the ruins
J. Riley Snyder & Emanuele E. Intagliata on ancient Apollonia ad Rhyndacum

Migration, minorities & regional identities
John McManus on the Africa Cup
Emel Akçalı & Evrim Görmüş on the Syrian business diaspora in Turkey

Interconnections of peace & conflict
Ece Algan on the Turkish TV industry
Stelios Lekakis on archaeology on the front line in 1919–1922

Anglo-Turkish relations in the 20th century
Yaprak Gürsoy on the Turkish elite’s perception of the UK from 1973 to Brexit
Peter Cherry on harems and hidden treasures at the turn of the 20th century

Climate changes & the environment
Darrel Maddy on the Pleistocene environments of the Gediz valley
Warren Eastwood on human-environment interactions along the Büyük Menderes river

Legacy data: using the past for the future
Leonidas Karakatsanis & Lutgarde Vandeput on the BIAA digital repository
Geoffrey D. Summers on Institute collections and Ian Todd’s Central Anatolian Survey

Habitat & settlement
Douglas Baird on Boncuklu
Ian Hodder on moving forward after Çatalhöyük
Christoph Bachhuber & Michele Massa on emerging patterns on the Konya plain
Michele Massa on metallurgical technology and metal exchange networks
Gonca Dardeniz on metallurgy in the Delice valley
Naomi Carless Unwin on the East Stoa at Labraunda
R.R.R. Smith on work at Aphrodisias in 2018