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Isauria and the end of the Roman Empire

Isauria and the end of the Roman Empire

Ankara | The British Institute at Ankara, Wolfson Foundation Conference Room

16 October 2019 19:00 to 21:00

A BIAA Lecture by Hugh Elton (Trent University) and Mark Jackson (Newcastle University)

Discussant: Stephen Mitchell (BIAA)

Summary of Event:

The two lecturers will discuss how the ancient region of Isauria (modern Mersin province) was integrated into the Roman Empire from the fourth century AD onwards. Using archaeological results from BIAA research projects conducted at Alahan and at Kilise Tepe in the Göksu valley, they discuss questions of how well integrated these areas were to the Roman Empire, socially, politically, and economically. The region was particularly well-connected with the Empire in the reign of Zeno (474-491). Dr Elton will first provide an overview, based on his research at Alahan and in the Göksu Valley Survey, followed by Dr Jackson who will zoom in on the excavations at Kilise Tepe where extraordinarily well-preserved houses of the early Byzantine phase provide some of the first excavated evidence of material culture in a domestic rural setting in Isauria. The way that Isauria was lost to Roman control is also discussed.

Keywords: Roman Empire, Isauria, History, Classical Archaeology

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2019 Oliver Gurney Memorial Lecture

2019 Oliver Gurney Memorial Lecture

London | Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Senate House North Block (S108), SOAS

30 October 2019 19:00 to 20:30

Professor Mirko Novák (Bern University) will deliver the bi-annual BIAA Oliver Gurney Memorial Lecture on 'Kizzuwatna-Hiyawa-Cilicia: A region at the interface of Anatolia, the Levant and Cyprus in light of the excavations at Sirkeli Höyük'

The ongoing Swiss-Turkish excavations at Sirkeli Höyük, one of the largest Bronze and Iron Age settlements in Cilicia, have shed new light on the cultural history of one of the most fertile regions of modern Turkey. Known in the Bronze Age as Kizzuwatna and in the Iron Age as Hiyawa/Que, its history is characterised by constant fluctuation between independence as a minor kingdom and belonging to one of the great empires of the Near East – namely Mittanni and the Hittite and Assyrian empires. The exploration of Sirkeli Höyük has so far resulted in the astonishing discovery of a large, complex, cityscape which consisted of a bipartite citadel, a vast lower town, an upper town complete with necropolis, a quarry and a water reservoir, as well as a suburb and several extramural workshop areas.

This lecture will trace the eventful cultural history of Cilicia using the example of the ancient site of Sirkeli Höyük.

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