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LECTURE: Rethinking Gender and Travel Writing

LECTURE: Rethinking Gender and Travel Writing

Ankara | The British Institute at Ankara

28 November 2018 19:00 to 21:00

A BIAA Lecture by Peter Cherry (Assistant Professor in the Department of Turkish Literature at Bilkent University - BIAA postdoctoral Fellow 2017-18. 

Discussant: Şima İmşir (Assistant Professor, Istanbul Şehir University)

Summary of Event: In scholarship on the literary commerce between Western Europe and the Ottoman Empire, the voices of women writers have traditionally been marginalised. In this talk, Peter Cherry reclaims such voices and their transcultural literary exchanges by examining the conversation between two women writers who challenged ‘East’ and ‘West’ binaries at the turn of the century. The encounter between Hadidjé Zennour and Grace Ellison lead to a number of literary collaborations, including the mutual editing of writing projects aimed at both British and Turkish reading audiences. Ellison was instrumental in the publication of Hadidje Zenour’s A Turkish Woman’s European Impressions (1913; under the Anglicised pseudonym Zeynep Hanoum); while Zeynep Hanoum contributed to Ellison’s writing on Turkey in her volume An Englishwoman in a Turkish Harem (1915). 

This event is part of the BIAA lecture series on Late Ottoman, Early Republican and Contemporary Turkish History. This year's series explores the theme 'Gender, Culture and Politics'.

Keywords: Comparative Literature; Contemporary Turkey; Hadidjé Zennour; Grace Ellison

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AGM LECTURE 2018: The Turkish Economy

AGM LECTURE 2018: The Turkish Economy

London | The British Academy

06 December 2018 18:30 to 20:30

The currency turbulence that hit the Turkish lira this year seemed to confirm the difficult conditions ahead for emerging markets generally – confirming Turkey as the bellweather emerging market. Because of this characteristic, Turkish economic policy has always had to be agile in adapting to changes in global economic conditions. And when it did not – as in the past few years, due to geopolitical and domestic political constraints, crisis has tended to follow. Hence economic policy in Turkey has also been a good reflection of global trends, picking up on new ideas and testing them. This talk will trace critical historical junctures between the global and Turkish economy and the policy response to assess if the current search for a new model can show the way forward for emerging markets in these difficult times.

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LECTURE: Metals Made the World go Round

LECTURE: Metals Made the World go Round

Ankara | The British Institute at Ankara, Wolfson Foundation Conference Room

12 December 2018 19:00 to 21:00

A BIAA Lecture by Dr Michele Massa, Research Associate, Middle East Technical University

Summary of Event: 

This lecture will present the preliminary results of a 3-year project sponsored by the BIAA, dedicated to shed light on dynamics of metal extraction, refinement, manufacture and exchange in the western Anatolian Bronze Age (ca 3500-1200 BC).

It will explore how and when copper, silver and gold deposits were first exploited in the region, how metallurgical labour was organized, and the socio-economic impact of metallurgy on the local communities. 

It will further reconstruct the major regional trade routes, and how metal production contributed to the integration of Anatolia into the Near Eastern long-distance exchange networks, a process culminating in the Old Assyrian Trade period.

Keywords: Metal manufacture, metal exchange, labour organization, Bronze Age, western Anatolia

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