The Display of Wealth, Status and Power: Two Recently Discovered Mid Fourth-century BC Pebble-mosaic Floors from Sinope

Location Online

Date and time Thursday 19 May 2022
16:00 - 17:30 (London GMT)
19:00 - 20:30 (Ankara UTC+3)

Speakers Hazar Kaba
Sinop University

Event Summary

In 2019, excavation in the Yalnızlar neighbourhood of Sinop, Turkey, revealed a small number of architectural remains, two stone-paved floors and two lavishly decorated pebble-mosaic floors. Both the architectural remains and the pebble mosaic floors are rare finds in Sinop, even more so given that the floors were found largely intact within their architectural settings. These elements appear to have constituted a portion of a once-grand house of the mid-fourth century BC. This seminar will focus on the pebble-mosaic floors, which will be analysed in two parts. The first introduces the floors and considers their construction techniques and decorative programmes. Analogies form an essential part of the analysis in order to contextualise both pavements within the corpus of Greek pebble-mosaic floors. A holistic evaluation of the architectural remains and the mosaics follows, in order to consider the setting and use of the floors. In the second part of the seminar, the socio-cultural context of the mosaics will be addressed. The analysis considers the meaning and symbolism of their decorations, as well as the place they once occupied in the lives of their owners. Ultimately, the position of the examples from Sinope within the wider sphere of mid-fourth-century BC Greek pebble-mosaic floors will be considered, along with the significance of such lavishly decorated floors in Sinope at this time.



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Event Speakers

Hazar Kaba

Sinop University

Hazar Kaba was born in Lefkosia, Cyprus. He did his BA in Archaeology at Ankara University (2002-2006). He won his MA degree with the thesis "Bird Motif on Cypro-Archaic Pottery" in 2008 and PhD with the thesis "Cypro-Classical Necropolis of Soloi" (2015) from the same institution. Currently, he holds the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Archaeology at Sinop University.

He participated in various excavations in Cyprus and Turkey among which are the Salamis (2003-2007), Idalion (2007), Temple of Apollon Smintheus at Gülpınar-Troad (2004-2007), Chalcolithic settlement of Gülpınar (2004-2007) and Parion in Troad (2017-2019). He had taken part in many surveys in Anatolia and conducted many documenting studies in museums in North Cyprus, Turkey and Europe in relation to various projects. Currently, he is a member of the joint American-Turkish expedition to Notion in Ionia.

Hazar's area of interest focus on various aspects and material culture related to death and burial in the ancient Classical World widespread to a vast area ranging from Cyprus, Troad to Pontus. Additionally, he studies and has funded projects on, Cypriot figurines and sacred landscapes as well as the domestic architecture of Classical-Hellenistic Sinope.