Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets (SARAA) Project Training Workshop in Lebanon


11 February 2022

The first in-person training workshop organised as part of the BIAA-led Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets (SARAA) Project was held from 3rd – 5th February across three venues in Beirut: Citea Apart-Hotel Conference Hall, Lebanese University Headquarters and the National Museum of Beirut.

Dr Gul Pulhan – Coordinator of the BIAA’s SARAT and SARAA Projects – presents ‘From SARAT to SARAA: Safeguarding and Understanding Heritage in Turkey and Lebanon’ Photo: Caner Senyuva

More than 40 people attended the training, including professors of archaeology and architecture from different universities across Lebanon, representatives of the Lebanese Armed Forces, NGO workers and volunteers, representatives of the National Library and National Museum, and representatives of the Directorate General of Antiquities.

All participants received both paper and digital copies of the project’s newly developed Arabic-language training materials, which were adapted from the SARAT training materials with added examples and case studies from Lebanon.

Participants were selected based on their capacity to use the materials to train others in basic cultural heritage emergency response, for example, in regimental army training and as part of university courses. The event was highly successful, and will facilitate the training of future-professionals far beyond the project’s lifetime. 

Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly – General Manager of Lebanese NGO Biladi – welcomes delegates to the first training on safeguarding and rescuing archaeological assets. Photo: Caner Senyuva
“The knowledge gained from this training will help us improve our capabilities in safeguarding our heritage.”
Sarkis Khoury – Director General of Antiquities – describes the role of the Directorate General of Antiquities in the emergency situation in Lebanon today. Photo: Martyn Weeds
“The knowledge will be shared with my colleagues at university as well as integrating the proposed course in the curriculum to give the new generations the opportunity to learn more about safeguarding and rescuing archaeological and architectural assets in Lebanon.”
Setting up for Day 1 of the SARAA Project Training Workshop and arranging the printed Arabic-language course materials for attendees. Photo: Caner Senyuva
“The materials will be very useful for training the other soldiers in the regiment on how to protect cultural heritage.”