Heritage Türkiye Volume 13

HT13 Cover

News & events
A letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput | Download
William Saunders & Stephen Mitchell pay tribute to Sir Matthew Farrer and Sir Timothy and Lady Patricia Daunt | Download
Lutgarde Vandeput, Işılay Gürsu & Daniel‐Joseph MacArthur‐Seal mark the BIAA’s 75th year | Download
Catherine M. Draycott introduces the annual Masters Dissertation Prize | Download
Catherine M. Draycott on BIAA publications | Download

Cultural heritage, society & economy
Işılay Gürsu discusses her British Academy mid‐career fellowship project | Download
Hakan Tarhan on Byzantine heritage in Türkiye | Download
Konstantina Georgiadou explores sites of religious syncretism in Istanbul | Download
Alan M. Greaves & Veysel Apaydın combine heritage education with STEM in Turkish schools | Download
Daniel‐Joseph MacArthur‐Seal tells stories from the Feriköy Protestant Cemetery | Download

Migration, minorities & regional identities
Hande Güzel on migration and medicine | Download

Climate change & the environment
Lutgarde Vandeput & colleagues consider the past, present and future of water in Istanbul | Download
Ender Peker & Akgün İlhan on local climate action | Download
John Wainwright, Michele Massa & colleagues on water resources in the Konya Plain | Download
Gizem Pilavcı gains insights from climate challenges of 1911 | Download

Legacy data: using the past for the future
Nurdan Atalan Cayırezmez & colleagues present the BIAA’s collections and digital repository | Download

Habitat & settlement
Catherine Longford investigates prehistoric agriculture in the Georgian highlands | Download
Ceren Kabukcu reports on archaeobotany at Neolithic Ekşi Höyük | Download
Gianna Ayala & colleagues on the transition to agriculture at Taş Tepeler | Download
Özlem Sarıtaş revisits the faunal remains from Canhasan III | Download
R.R.R. Smith on research at Aphrodisias in 2023 | Download
Douglas Baird and colleagues report on the last full season in the field at Boncuklu | Download
Douglas Baird & Gökhan Mustafaoğlu on renewed excavations at Pınarbaşı | Download


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