Heritage Turkey Volume 12

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News & events
A letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput | Download
Stephen Hill remembers Gina Coulthard | Download

Cultural heritage, society & economy
Gül Pulhan, Özlem Başdoğan, Martyn Weeds, Lutgarde Vandeput & Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly on Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets | Download
Işılay Gürsu launches the Pisidia Heritage Trail guidebook | Download
Alan M. Greaves & Veysel Apaydın’s Active Learning project makes heritage education fun for kids | Download
Matthew Whiting examines the relationship between emergency rule and autocratization | Download
Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal reports on the Feriköy Protestant Cemetery Initiative | Download

Migration, minorities & regional identities
Hande Güzel on migration and medicine | Download
Bradley Jordan on Roman hegemony and local agency in Asia | Download
Sinibaldo De Rosa explores staged adaptations of Alevi rituals | Download
Gizem Pilavcı assesses some implications of human movement, with a focus on Syriac Christians | Download

Anglo-Turkish relations in the 20th century
Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal co-curates an exhibition on Occupied Istanbul, 1918–1923 | Download

Climate change & the environment
Martin Crapper and colleagues discuss the water management infrastructure of Istanbul | Download

Legacy data: using the past for the future
Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez and colleagues report on digitising the BIAA’s Botanical Collections | Download
Burçak Delikan on recently donated archives | Download

Habitat & settlement
Pamela Armstrong & Alessandra Ricci on the ceramics from the Satyros monastery, Istanbul | Download
Anja Slawisch & Toby C. Wilkinson on the Project Panormos Survey | Download
Nathaniel L. Erb-Satullo & Dimitri Jachvliani’s aerial perspective on fortresses of the South Caucasus | Download
R.R.R. Smith on research at Aphrodisias in 2022 | Download
Douglas Baird on work at Boncuklu and Pınarbaşı in 2022 | Download
Alan M. Greaves & İsa Kızgut report on the Telmessos Survey Project, 2022 | Download

This online version of Heritage Turkey 12 was updated on 23 January 2023 to correct the spelling of Burcu Akşahin’s name and to supplement the list of authors of the article on the water management infrastructure of Istanbul.

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