Heritage Turkey Volume 1


Letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput | Download

Climate History
A history of long-term climatic and cultural change in Cappadocia, Neil Roberts | Download
Quantitative vegetation modelling in southwest Turkey, Warren J. Eastwood, Ralph Fyfe, Çetin Şenkul and Anneley McMillan | Download

Contemporary Turkey
Turkish migration to European Union Member States: present and future dynamics, Samantha Currie | Download
Democratisation: what’s in a word?, Bill Kissane | Download
Sociology and revolutions in Turkey. The transmission of ideas and the birth of liberal thought, Ozan Özavcı | Download
Site management in Turkey: the case of Antalya, Dinç Saraç | Download
A (multi-)national space: nationalism, reconciliation and the memorialisation of Gallipoli, Pheroze Unwalla | Download
Subjectivity, agency and desire in the daily lives of Muslim women: women-only gym members in Istanbul, Sertaç Sehlikoglu | Download

Frontiers of the Ottoman World
The literature of travel, exploration and empire, Sascha Clement | Download

Settlement History of Anatolia
The first farmers of central Anatolia: the Boncuklu Project, D. Baird, O. Bar-Yosef, A. Baysal and A. Fairbairn | Download
New painting found at Çatalhöyük, Ian Hodder | Download
The Cide Archaeological Project 2011, Bleda S. Düring, Claudia Glatz and T. Emre Şerifoğlu | Download
Domuztepe 2011, Stuart Campbell | Download
Kilise Tepe 2011, Mark Jackson, Nicholas Postgate, T. Emre Şerifoğlu and Bob Miller | Download
Archaeology and empire in the first millennium BC: Ziyaret Tepe, John MacGinnis | Download
The Kerkenes Project 2011, Geoffrey D. Summers | Download
Pisidia Survey Project 2011, Lutgarde Vandeput | Download
The people of Roman Ankara, Stephen Mitchell | Download
The Avkat Archaeological Project 2011, John Haldon, Hugh Elton and Jim Newhard | Download
The Amorium Excavations Project: a progress report, Chris Lightfoot | Download
Anatolian travels: analysing communication routes in the late prehistory of Asia Minor, Michele Massa | Download
Craft and identity at Boncuklu Höyük: stone bead technology, Emma Baysal | Download
Geometric clay objects, Lucy Bennison-Chapman | Download

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