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Library reopening and new acquisitions for 2020-21

The BIAA David H. French Library is reopening on 11 October 2021! Click for further details and for a list of new books acquired while we have been closed to the public.

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BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Lisa French

Elizabeth (Lisa) Bayard French (19 January 1931 – 10 June 2021) recently passed away peacefully in Cambridge after a short illness. The BIAA would like to offer its sincere condolences to Lisa’s family.

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Digitalising Turkey's Botanical Heritage with Imagining Futures

The BIAA is delighted to announce our new collaboration with Imagining Futures through Un/Archived Pasts, an AHRC-GCRF funded initiative led by the University of Exeter, on the Digitalising Turkey's Botanical Heritage project.

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Opportunity for PhD students and early career researchers from Turkey: "Rewriting World Archaeology"

PhD students and early career researchers from Turkey are invited to apply for a ten-month virtual mentoring programme forcused academic publishing, grant writing, and career development organised by Durham University Department of Archaeology and the journal Antiquity

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BIAA-led ‘Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge?’ Project Awarded Knowledge Frontiers Funding

The BIAA is delighted to announce the launch of a new project, ‘Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge?’, funded by the British Academy’s Knowledge Frontiers 2021: International Interdisciplinary Research Scheme.

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BIAA Projects Help Reveal Diverse Stone Age Traditions of Kinship through Ancient DNA

Two BIAA-funded research projects, at Boncuklu Höyük and Çatalhöyük, have provided vital ancient genome data combined with burial location evidence demonstrating that kinship traditions of ancient Anatolian civilisations went beyond genetic relations.

(This article contains images of human remains)

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BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Marc Waelkens

Classical Archaeology has recently lost another giant figure: Prof Marc Waelkens. He introduced his own student, Lutgarde Vandeput, to work in Turkey, who is now the BIAA Director. After a life of extraordinary achievement and productivity, he will be sorely missed.

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Interview with Shahina Farid: Insights into Turkish Archaeology

Shahina Farid recently stepped down from her six-year term as Honorary Secretary of the BIAA. To show our gratitude for her service to the Institute, Shahina was the first to receive honorary life membership at the BIAA. We asked Shahina to reflect on the highlights of her archaeological career, advice for fellow archaeologists, her contributions and experience at the BIAA, and plans for the future!

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BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Cyril Mango

With great sadness, the BIAA notes the death of the eminent Byzantinist Cyril Mango. His research spanned all aspects of Byzantine Studies, and his linguistic skills ensured an unrivalled command of the subject’s range of sources. However, his enduring legacy will be his studies of his native city, to be crowned by a forthcoming magnum opus on the urban development of Byzantine Constantinople. 

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BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of David Barchard

The BIAA is sad to report the death of a long-standing member, David Barchard on 25th December. He was one of the UK’s most knowledgeable and respected authorities on Turkey, who was for a time a BIAA Council member and a valued, critical friend of the Institute since the 1970s. We send our condolences to his family and innumerable friends in Turkey, the UK and beyond.

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