Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets (SARAA)

Location Turkey

Years 2021-2022

Director Lutgarde Vandeput
Director, BIAA

Funding The Cultural Protection Fund / British Council (CPL-O69-16)

Research Summary

The Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets (SARAA) project is led by the BIAA in partnership with Lebanese NGO BILADI. The project expands upon the results of the Europa Nostra Award-winning Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Türkiye (SARAT) Project, and facilitates international knowledge exchange between Turkish and Lebanese heritage professionals.

The SARAA Project works with heritage-emergency trained individuals in Lebanon, former and current CPF-funded projects in Lebanon and Türkiye, SARAT online course graduates and stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices. Course materials from the SARAT project ( are being adapted with the collaboration of Lebanese academics to suit the context of Lebanon and used to train heritage professionals in the region. These resources are publicly available in both Arabic and English.

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Research Director

Lutgarde Vandeput

Director, BIAA

Gül Pulhan BIAA
Project Coordinator

Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly BILADI
Project Coordinator

Özlem Başdoğan BIAA

Işılay Gürsu BIAA

Rana Dubeissy Lebanese University