Pisidia Heritage Trail

Location Antalya, Burdur

Years 2013-2022


Funding The Headley Trust, the Aurelius Charitable Trust, the Stevenson Family Charitable Trust, the Leche Trust, the Robert Kiln Charitable Trust, the Society of Dilettanti Charitable Trust

Research Summary

The Pisidia Heritage Trail (PHT) is a long-distance trekking trail, which is more than 350km long, connecting twelve different archaeological sites in the ancient region of Pisidia (southwest Türkiye).

These archaeological sites, situated in remote, pristine and densely forested highlands, have the potential to offer a quasi-poetic experience for explorers. The route of the PHT follows the remnants of 2,000-year-old ancient roads and, where these ancient roads are no longer traceable, little paths that are still used by local villagers. The trail is designed to attract hikers, nature lovers and adventurers in general, and to provide economic benefits for the communities who live in the vicinity of these ruins.

The trail has already been waymarked with tailored made marks designed as Pisidian shield in red paint. The launch of a dedicated website and a guidebook is imminent.

In order to portray how the Pisidian cities looked in ancient times, Pisidia Heritage Trail Mobile App was prepared, which contains 3D reconstructions of selected monuments with accompanying explanatory texts. The app, designed by Lithodomos VR is available free on Android and iOS.

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Işılay Gürsu

Ümit Işın

Michele Massa

Gökhan Deniz

Lutgarde Vandeput
Director, BIAA

Stephen Mitchell