Turkish and Black Sea Scholars’ Fund

Start date Thursday 1 June 2023

End date Sunday 31 March 2024

Applications close Monday 17 April 2023


Turkish and Black Sea Scholars’ Fund grants are awarded to researchers wishing to travel to the UK to visit a recognised UK Higher Education Institution and further their research interests (e.g. studying a museum collection, using a university library and/or presenting papers at conferences/workshops).  Grants are also awarded to researchers intending to travel to the Institute’s premises in Ankara to further their research interests by using the collections held at the BIAA’s centre for research excellence. This year, four grants of up to £2000 each are being offered.


Grants are available to support scholars of postgraduate status and above from countries bordering the Black Sea.  Research should be located within the field of the arts, humanities and the social sciences.

Application process

It is essential that applicants read the notes and the accompanying conditions of awards before completing the application form. Applicants in any doubt about their eligibility or any other aspect of their application are advised to contact the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA), where staff will be pleased to assist.

The deadline for receipt of applications and references is Monday 17th April 2023. The BIAA Research Committee will consider all applications received before this date. Projects must be undertaken between  1 June 2023 and 31 March 2024.

Applications close Monday 17 April 2023
Application Form BIAA Research Support Grant Notes for Applicants - TSF Grant Budget Form