The Politics of Archaeology: Is the Past a Foreign Country?

Location BIAA, 154 Atatürk Bulvarı, and online

Date and time Tuesday 13 February 2024
16:00 - 18:00 (London GMT)
19:00 - 21:00 (Ankara UTC+3)

Speakers Erdem Denk
Ankara University

Event Summary

Archaeology, which is the study of past societies, and Political Science, which focuses especially on the functioning of contemporary societies, are two disciplines that potentially complement each other. Although they remain quite distant or even “indifferent” to each other for some reason, there is no doubt that a true and well-grounded academic bond established in between them would not only trigger intellectual enrichment but hopefully create an innovative trans-disciplinary study area to the benefit of both sides. For bringing expertise of the two together and comparatively examining findings that are similar, equivalent or complementary to each other is necessary and useful for both fields. In this way, not only the specific subjects of each will be better understood, but it will be much easier to have a full grasp of the general course of history in its entirety.

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Event Speakers

Erdem Denk

Ankara University

Erdem Denk studied International Relations for his first degree at the Faculty of Political Science (Mülkiye), Ankara University. After receiving his MA degree from the same school, he completed his PhD at Cardiff Law School, UK, in 2005. He is a Professor of International Relations at Mülkiye, where he has been working since 1998. He is the author and editor of twelve books (including two collaborations), and several articles on various aspects of international law as well as Turkish Foreign Policy. His main areas of interest are the theory and history of international law, de-colonial international studies, international organisations, international criminal justice and nuclear disarmament. He has recently been studying on "law and order since Paleolithic" and is preparing three books entitled "When There Was No State", "Invention of the State" and "History of States". A general summary of these studies, entitled "50 Thousand Years of World Order: Societies and Their Laws", was published in September 2021. He has been organising "Arkeopolitics Conferences/Talks" since October 2022 at Mülkiye. These talks involve an archaeologist and a political scientist every month who respectively discuss prehistoric and modern aspects of any given topic.