SEADDA Türkiye Workshop: Digital Cultural Heritage

Location Ankara University Rectorate 100th Anniversary Conference Hall

Date and time Thursday 13 October 2022
06:00 - 14:30 (London GMT)
09:00 - 17:30 (Ankara UTC+3)

Event Summary

SEADDA (Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age) Working Group 1, National Data Management Workshop Türkiye.

The workshop language is Turkish. Please register here to attend.

SEADDA Türkiye Workshop: Digital Cultural Heritage programme:

09:00-09:30 Registration

09:30-10: 00 Opening Speeches

1. Session Moderator: Prof. Dr. Kenan Bilici (Ankara University)

10:00-10:20 SEADDA Project Holly Wright (English presentation)-Dr. Holly Wright (SEADDA Project-Science Communication Manager, Archaeology Data Service UK)

10:20-10:40 Open Access to Cultural Heritage and Digital Repositories, İlkay Holt (British Library, UK)

10:40-11:00 Digital Archaeological Data Management: Municipality Applications in Germany- Ertan Özcan (Cologne, GERMANY)

11:00-11:20 The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), Rapid Assessment Model (RAM), Starting for Cultural Heritage Organisations Dr. Özhan Sağlık (Bursa Uludağ University, TURKEY)

11:20-11:40 Coffee Break

2. Session Moderator: Prof. Dr. Fatoş Subaşıoğlu (Ankara University)

11:40-12:00: Digital Inventory System in Museums: Museum National Inventory System-MNIS -Hakan Melih Aygün (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

12:00-12:20: Digital Inventory System for Immovable Cultural Heritage TUES (Turkish National Immovable Cultural Heritage Inventory System) Project-Yasin Gülbay (Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

12:20-12:40: Archaeological Information for Everyone – The Digital Platforms of the German Archaeological Institute-Berna Güler, Dr. Alkiviadis Ginalis (DAI)

12:40-13:00 Legacy Data and BIAA Digital Repository System-Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez, Gonca Özger, Orhun Uğur (BIAA)

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

3. Session Moderator: Prof. Dr. Yaşar Tonta (Hacettepe University)

14:00-14:20 Digitalisation in Archaeology and Higher Education- Asst. Prof. N. Pınar Özgüner (Gaziantep University)

14:20-14:40: Digital Archaeology Education in Türkiye-Prof. Dr. D. Burcu Erciyas (Middle East Technical University)

14:40-15:00 DKM Türkiye (Digital Cultural Heritage Network Türkiye) Civil Initiative-Deniz Çit (DKM)

15:00-15:20 Coffee Break

4. Session Moderator: Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez (BIAA, Ankara University)

15:20-17:20 Discussion


The workshop language is Turkish

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