One step forward in the exploration of the Iron Age in Central Anatolia. From the Çatalhöyük excavation to the regional survey

Location Ankara - Hybrid Event

Date and time Thursday 1 December 2022
16:00 - 17:30 (London GMT)
19:00 - 20:30 (Ankara UTC+3)

Speakers Jędrzej Hordecki
Polish Academy of Sciences

Event Summary

The Iron Age is one of the quite underrated times in Central Anatolia. Except for a very few well-known central sites, excavations don’t focus on this period, however a few survey campaigns conducted in the region give us a slightly better perspective of the 1st Millennium BC. These surveys show that the settlement is rapidly developing. This talk will focus on the results of the Iron Age strata excavation at Çatalhöyük, a rural site in the middle of Konya Plain where interesting remains were exposed. These remains correspond very well with the historical events of the period. Going one step forward from the Çatalhöyük excavation, I will present the perspective of my research on the settlement in Central Anatolia. Both excavation and settlement research results will show Central Anatolia as a much more absorbing place during the Iron Age than it used to be perceived.

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Event Speakers

Jędrzej Hordecki

Polish Academy of Sciences

Jedrzej Hordecki is a member of the Çatalhöyük Research Project since 2012. In 2020 he defended his PhD about the late settlement at Çatalhöyük. He is currently conducting post-doc research focused on settlement in Central Anatolia during the 1st Millennium BC.