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Academic & Research Staff 

 BIAA Director  
Dr Lutgarde Vandeput  email >> 

Lutgarde Vandeput is a classical archaeologist, educated at the University of Leuven in Belgium. She has done fieldwork in Turkey since she was a student. She participated in the excavations at Sagalassos and also in the Pisidia Survey Project, which she then directed between 1998 and 2012. She is currently involved in the Aspendos Archaeological Project. Lutgarde specialises in the study of monumental architecture and urban development, as well as in survey archaeology. She has been on the faculty of the Universities of Leuven (Belgium)  and Cologne (Germany), and has been the Director of the BIAA since 2006. See more >>

Fields of Expertise: Classical Archaeology; Ancient Roads and Routes; Cultural Heritage Management

 Assistant Director  
Dr Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal  email >>

Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal received his PhD in History from the University of Cambridge in 2015. He joined the BIAA in 2014 as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and was the Enemies to Allies project Research Fellow from 2015-2017. He was Research Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History at Hong Kong Baptist University from 2017-2019 before taking up the post of Assistant Director in September 2019.... see more>>

Fields of Expertise: Late Ottoman History; Early Republican History; British Empire in the Near and Middle East

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 Research Fellows & Scholars 

BIAA Fellow 2020-2021

Dr Ender Peker email>>
Ender is an urbanist specialising in climate responsive urban design, in particular the ways in which the built environment is co-produced by technical rules, regulations and codes that seek to order urban life in deference to inhabitants’ socio-ecologic values. Ender holds a PhD from the University of Reading, UK. His PhD research developed a design approach that integrates technical knowledge regarding climate sensitivity with the social knowledge generated within and by local communities. His BIAA research project focused on the challenges of climate responsive urban development in the context of Black Sea Climate through a case study of Rize, a typical Black Sea city challenged with frequent urban flooding events.

Fields of Expertise: Climate Responsive Design, Urban Design, Socio-Technical Research

BIAA Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-2021

Dr Gizem Pilavcı email>>

Dr. Gizem Pilavcı is a historian of the Ottoman Empire specialising in Armenian experience in, and impact on, Ottoman society in the late modern period. She recently completed her D.Phil at the University of Oxford, where she researched the lives of the members of the virtually unstudied Catholic Armenian Manas family who operated in the fields of art, diplomacy, and finance, and analyzed the social and political ramifications of the family’s Catholic identity. Her study has been able to fill in many of the extensive lacunae in the narratives of the Manas family members as well as rectify misconstrued facts about their lives and careers through rigorous archival research.

Fields of Expertise: Late Ottoman Social, Cultural, and Diplomatic History; Ottoman Imperial Portraiture; Armenian Studies; Syriac Studies

Senior BIAA Heritage Fellow 2021

Dr Işılay Gürsu     email >>

Işılay Gürsu received her PhD in Cultural Heritage Management from IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy in 2013. Having graduated from Boğaziçi University’s Tourism Administration department, she completed her MA studies at Koç University’s 'Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management' programme. Before moving to Italy for her PhD, she worked at the Istanbul Archaeological Museums Development Project for one year.

She joined the BIAA in January 2013 as the Cultural Heritage Management Postdoctoral Researcher. For the first two years of her appointment, she worked on improving the presentation and interpretation of the ancient site of Aspendos and the ancient region of Pisidia, which resulted in Pisidia Heritage Trail, a 350km long trekking route connecting archaeological sites in the Pisidia region, SW Turkey. see more>>

Fields of Expertise: Cultural Heritage Management, Public Archaeology, Tourism Studies 



 Honorary Research Fellows 2020-21

Dr John McManus  email>>

John McManus was the 2016-18 BIAA Postdoctoral Research Fellow. He is a social anthropologist specialising in the study of sport, digital media and migration in Turkey and the Turkish-speaking diaspora. John received his PhD from the University of Oxford in 2016. His first book titled 'Welcome to Hell? In search of the Real Turkish football' was published by Orion Books in 2017.

Fields of Expertise:  Popular Culture, Contemporary Turkey, Anthropology of Sport, Diaspora Studies.


Dr Michele Massa  email>>

Michele Massa, who received his PhD degree from University College London in 2016, is currently an Honorary Research Fellow of the BIAA. He has previously held an assistant professorship at Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University in Turkey from 2016-2018. He has been co-director of the Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project since 2016. He is also director of the “From Mines to Graves: metallurgy and metal exchange in north-western Anatolia between the Late Chalcolithic and the Late Bronze Age” project in Kütahya. His primary area of interest is the prehistoric and early historic Eastern Mediterranean, and Anatolia in particular. 

Fields of Expertise:  Archaeology, Study of Interaction, Landscape Archaeology, Process of Urbanization and State Formation, including warfare, long distance exchange networks, administration and elite behaviors.

Dr Stuart Blaylock  email>>

Dr Stuart Blaylock holds a B.A. in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Birmingham (1978) and a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Swansea (2005). He first came to Turkey in 1980 to work on the BIAA excavations at Tille Höyük on the Euphrates in Adıyaman province, where he was field director, 1984–1990. He subsequently conducted post-excavation and museum projects in Ankara and Adıyaman in 1991–94 and successfully published the final report on the Iron Age levels of the site in two BIAA monographs (2009; 2016). He was an honorary fellow of the BIAA 1995–98, and was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2005. He held a Senior Fellowship at Koç University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, Istanbul in 2010–11. More recently he has co-directed rescue excavations jointly with the Batman provincial museum at Gre Amer on the Garzan tributary of the Tigris, with Dr Gül Pulhan (2009–2019). He was recently appointed as a BIAA Honorary Research Fellow (2020). In parallel with his Near Eastern activities, Stuart has pursued a parallel career in the U.K. as a consultant archaeologist and architectural historian. He has rarely had the opportunity to combine the two fields but did so in an architectural conservation project in the Ṭur ᷾Abdin in 2019. He has published widely in both fields and is the author of four books and numerous shorter reports, articles, and book chapters. 

Fields of Expertise:  Near Eastern Archaeology, Pottery and Artefact Studies, Architectural History and Buildings Archaeology.

Dr Gül Pulhan  email>>

Dr. Gül Pulhan was the coordinator of the BIAA’s Europa Nostra award-winning cultural heritage project SARAT (Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey) between 2017 and 2020. In her career she has combined teaching and research with archaeological field-work and museum and heritage consultancy. Her specialties are the Bronze Ages of northern Mesopotamia, Cultural Heritage Management and Museum Studies. She taught at Bilkent and Bilgi Universities (and will teach again in the 2020-21 academic year), and was among the founding faculty members of the Department of Archaeology and the History of Art at Koç University and the MA program in Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management, a pioneer in Turkey, where she taught for ten years. As part of the Ilısu Dam Salvage projects, between 2009-19, she conducted salvage excavations at Gre Amer together with Dr. Stuart Blaylock, a multi-period mound, now partially flooded, on the Garzan tributary of the Tigris on behalf of the Batman Museum. She has lectured and published on heritage related topics and on Gre Amer. Among her notable consultancy work are Efes Pilsen on the archaeology of beer, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat ve Yayıncılık, and the Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum in Ankara can be mentioned. She received her BA with Honors in History from Bosphorus University, MA in Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology from Istanbul University and MPhil and PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology from Yale University. She was a Martin Harrison post-doctoral fellow at Oxford University in 2002. She served on the UNESCO Turkish National Committee on Displaced Cultural Heritage and is a member of the Turkish Archaeologists Association. 

Fields of Expertise:  Near Eastern Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Management and Museum Studies.

Benjamin Irvine, who received his PhD degree from the Freie Universität Berlin in 2017, is currently an Honorary Research Fellow of the BIAA. He was previously the 2018-20 BIAA Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Benjamin is a bioarchaeologist who specialises in utilising osteological and stable isotope analyses to examine the dietary habits, subsistence practices, and mobility patterns of populations in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age periods of prehistoric Anatolia. See more>>

Fields of Expertise:  Bioarchaeology, Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis

Dr Marc Herzog email>>

Marc Herzog received his PhD degree from Exeter University in 2011. He is an Honorary Research Fellow of the BIAA. He was the BIAA’s Assistant Director from 2011 to 2015 and now works as an aid professional in the humanitarian Syria response. His academic background is as a political scientist and comparative specialist on issues of governance, political development, international relations and democratization with a regional focus on the eastern Mediterranean. See more>>

Fields of Expertise:  International Relations, Politics.


Dr Leonidas Karakatsanis

Leonidas Karakatsanis received his PhD in Ideology and Discourse Analysis from the University of Essex in UK. He is the author of the research monograph: Turkish-Greek Relations | Rapprochement, Civil Society and the Politics of Friendship (Routledge, 2014). He is also the co-editor of The politics of Culture in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Performing the Left since the Sixties (together with N. Papadogiannis) and Bordered Places, Bounded Times: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on Turkey (together with E. Baysal), both published in 2017 by Routledge and The British institute at Ankara respectively. He was a Post-Doctoral fellow at the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) between 2012-2015 and then served as the BIAA's Assistant Director for 4 years (2015-2019). He has taught courses on politics at universities in UK and Turkey. His current research focuses on a comparative approach to reconciliation and peace in the Caucasus & the Mediterranean.

Administrative Staff  

Ankara Manager
Gülgün Girdivan   email >>
Gülgün Girdivan graduated from the
Middle East Technical University Department of Economics in 1981.  She worked as an administrative manager for an international trade company, before joining the BIAA in March 1984. She has served under four Institute Directors so far.  She manages the day to day running of the Institute, including accomodation, registration, residence, accounting and other office administration duties.  She also assists with government office relations.


London Manager 
Laura Paterson  email >>

Laura Paterson graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) with a degree in Turkish Studies, during which she spent a year as a visiting student at Boğaziçi University. After graduating she completed a course in business administration, and worked in several administrative roles in the London offices of Turkish companies and UK companies with dealings in Turkey. She took up the role of the BIAA's London Manager in October 2019.


Ankara Resource Manager / Librarian
Burçak Delikan 
 email >>
Burçak Delikan commenced her role as the Institute's Senior Librarian in September 2009. She is currently working as Resource Manager, responsible for the library archives and other collections. She received her BA and MA from the Classical Archaeology Department at Ankara University, and is currently a PhD student in the same department, working on numismatics. During her studies, she worked on the Metropolis and Limantepe excavations and also on the Ulus rescue excavations. She is currently involved in the Metropolis excavations and is planning to work on an underwater project as well.

Digital Repository Office Manager
Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez email>>

Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez is a Near Eastern Archaeologist currently pursuing a Ph.D. on Information and Records Management at Ankara University. She holds an Ms Degree from Settlement Archaeology at Middle East Technical University. She worked in different archaeological sites in Turkey. She has an expertise in using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and applied her skills in GIS for landscape archaeology as Archaeologist and Project Assistant at Kerkenes Project in Yozgat and Ankara, Turkey between 2000 and 2004.  See more>>

Digital Repository Office Assistant
Gonca Özger email>>

Gonca Özger is an archaeologist with interests in zooarchaeology and human animal interactions in prehistoric Anatolia. Her current research is focused on animal mobility and breeding practices in the Late Bronze Age period of Anatolia. She graduated from Bilkent University Department of Archaeology in 2017 and is currently pursuing an MSc degree from Settlement Archaeology at Middle East Technical University. She is currently involved in the Çadır Höyük Archaeological Project since 2015 and has been working as Digital Repository Assistant at the BIAA since 2020.

Herbarium Researcher
Ilgın Deniz Can email>>

Ilgın Deniz Can is a botanist, studying for a Ph.D. in botany at Hacettepe University, Ankara. She holds a Master's Degree from the Department of Biology at Hacettepe University. She worked in the Herbarium of Hacettepe University for more than three years when she was a BSc student and during her MSc. Her studies mainly focus on taxonomy, speciation, and phylogeography of some wild crucifers of Anatolia. Also, she is one of the authors of Illustrated Flora of Turkey. She joined the BIAA at the beginning of 2021 as researcher for the Herbarium Digitisation Project.

The only thing Ilgın loves more than being in a herbarium is to be in the field. She especially enjoys participating in floristic fieldworks in the high mountains of Anatolia. Besides Turkey, she participated in several fieldworks in Iceland.

Fields of expertise: Plant taxonomy, plant systematics, plant morphology, species delimitation, phylogeography

Herbarium Assistant
Barış Necdet Uğurman email>>

Barış Necdet Uğurman is a biologist graduated from Ankara University. He is currently a M.Sc. student at Ankara University. He joined the BIAA at the beginning of January 2021 as Herbarium Assistant. Barış's responsibilities are to list and organize herbarium specimens.



Assistant Librarian
Nihal Uzun   email >>
Nihal Uzun began working as a part-time assistant librarian at the BIAA in September 2015. She finished her undergraduate degree in Archaeology at Hacettepe University in 2011, before commencing a Master’s programme in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology at Adnan Menderes University, Aydın. At the present time, she is writing her Master's dissertation on deer iconography during the second millennium BC. Nihal is also interested in archaeological theory and methods and has been joining archaeological excavations in Anatolia since 2008.

Executive Editor - Annual Publications: 
Gina Coulthard   
email >>

Gina Coulthard has an MA from the University of Warwick in archaeology and ancient history, and has a particular interest in late antique Turkey. She was a long-term team member of the Institute-sponsored Çiftlik Project, which excavated a church and associated buildings just outside Sinop, and has worked on other archaeological projects in Turkey, the UK and Sudan. Gina has worked for the Institute since 1994 and was the London Manager until 2007 when she moved to Australia. She is currently the editor of annual publications and assists with general publication matters.

Senior Development Manager
Martyn Weeds 
email >>

Martyn Weeds graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2004 with a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology, and was awarded an MA in Contemporary History and Politics by Birkbeck College, University of London, in 2011.  He has held senior roles in several not-for-profit organisations, and before joining the BIAA in 2017 was Head of Supporter Engagement for a national charity in New Zealand.  Martyn also works as a consultant, including for the British Council, BBC Children in Need and Koç University.  His main interests include history, archaeology, current affairs, world travel, martial arts and all forms of outdoor activity.

Development and Communications Officer
Charlotte Jordan  
email >>

Charlotte Jordan studied an Egyptology BA and MA at the University of Liverpool, graduating from her Master’s degree in December 2018. During her MA studies, Charlotte spent two months excavating at an ongoing BIAA Research Project: Boncuklu, where her interest in Turkish archaeology and history began. Charlotte joined the BIAA as a part-time Development and Communications Assistant in July 2019. Her main duties include running social media platforms, events administration, website content management, email correspondence, and supporting the BIAA’s fundraising. She also works a similar role at the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) as their Engagement Manager. 

Ankara Office Administrative Assistant
Başak Bodur     email >>    

Başak Bodur joined the BIAA at the beginning of April 2018 as a part-time administrative assistant. Her responsibilities include managing bookings for the BIAA’s guesthouse, accommodation, membership, event planning and related duties, such as travel arrangements for visiting scholars and students.  She holds a BSc from the Department of Geological Engineering in Middle East Technical University and an MBA from Atılım University. She is also a part-time lecturer in the Department of Child Development, Hacettepe University, and works as a free-lance yoga instructor.

Research Assistant
Eloise Jones     email >>    

Eloise Jones received her B.A. in Ancient History in 2019, and her M.A. in Classical Archaeology in 2020, both from Durham University. Her main areas of academic interest include exploring links between funerary imagery and cultural identity, as well as understanding and unpicking the ways in which colonial narratives have shaped our understanding of ancient cultures. She is currently working remotely in London, with a view to relocating to Ankara once travel restrictions allow. Beyond the academic world, her interests include playing rugby, exploring the great outdoors, and reading plenty of historical fiction.

Ankara Office Caretaker
Mustafa Balcı

Mustafa Balcı has been working as a caretaker at the BIAA since March 2007. He graduated from the metal works department of the Industrial Vocational High School at İskitler.  Until his retirement in 2007, he worked in the Directorate of Construction and Technical Works at Middle East Technical University. His responsibilities involve maintaining the office and guesthouse’s fittings, including electrical & plumbing works, repairs, painting and providing support for the daily running of the office. He is also a talented barbeque chef as has been evident at BIAA garden parties.

Ankara Office Caretaker
Keziban Çoşgun

Keziban Çoşgun has been working as a domestic staff member since June 2009. She is responsible for the cleaning of the office, library and guesthouse. It is thanks to her that the Institute and the hostel are always clean.  She is also highly valued and respected for the delicious cakes that she makes on Tuesdays and Fridays. These cakes are sometimes a special reason for colleagues to visit the Institute.


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Council of Management        


Professor Stephen Mitchell, FBA

Stephen Mitchell first visited the BIAA as an undergraduate student in spring 1968, and has been closely associated with the Institute since beginning his doctoral studies.  During the 1970s he took part in David French’s Asvan project, carried out his own research in Galatia (Roman Central Anatolia), and carried out work on inscriptions for the RECAM project.  In 1982 he began the Pisidian Survey, and directed field work at Pisidian Antioch, Cremna, Ariassos and in other ancient Pisidian cities until 1996, when the direction of the project passed to the BIAA’s current Director Dr Lutgarde Vandeput.  From 2004 his main research project in Turkey was the publication of the Greek and Latin inscriptions of Ankara, in collaboration with another BIAA director, David French.  Apart from publishing detailed epigraphic and archaeological research, he has written large-scale historical  studies of the ancient world, most importantly Anatolia.  Land, Men, and Gods in Asia Minor (2 vols. 1993), and A History of the Later Roman Empire AD 284-641  (2nd edition 2015).  A Turkish translation of the latter was published by the Turkish Historical Society in 2017. He has been a Council Member of the BIAA since the late 1970s, and has served three terms as Honorary Secretary, in 1984, from 1995 to 2000, and from 2009 to 2014.  


Professor Jim Crow

Jim Crow teaches Roman and Byzantine archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. He first travelled to Turkey when he was a student at Birmingham, continuing his research at Newcastle and Sofia Universities. In the late 1970s he was based in Ankara, with a Leverhulme Studentship followed by BIAA Research Fellowship where he travelled with David French along the Euphrates and was part of the first season at Tille. On returning to the UK he directed excavations for the National Trust on Hadrian’s Wall from 1982-1989. He lectured at Warwick and Newcastle Universities before his current post at Edinburgh. In Turkey he has directed survey projects on the Black Sea and from 1994 in the west hinterland of Istanbul, surveying and documenting the Anastasian Wall and the Water Supply of Byzantine Constantinople. In 2012 he organised an exhibition with colleagues from Istanbul Technical University on the water supply at ANAMED (Research Centre for Anatolian Civilizations) in Istanbul. He has served on the BIAA council since the 1990s and is a long-serving member of the research committee. His external appointments include Hon. Secretary of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies from 1996-2006, he is currently on the advisory committee of ANAMED.

 Honorary Secretary 

Dr Warren Eastwood

Dr Warren Eastwood is a biogeographer and palaeoecologist who researches past environmental change for the last 25,000 years or so in the eastern Mediterranean region where he has worked for the past 30 years. His main specialism is elucidating natural versus human-induced vegetation change using pollen analysis (palynology) and works closely with archaeologists and historians. His research interests also include climate change and the impact of major volcanic eruptions and tephrochronology of volcanic ash layers preserved in lake and peat sediment archives. Warren is a familiar colleague to the BIAA, both as a scholar working in Turkey and serving on the BIAA Council of Management.

 Honorary Deputy Secretary 

Dr Natalie Martin

Dr Natalie Martin is a lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham focussing on the politics of Turkey and the surrounding area (visit her page here). Her PhD traced the process by which Turkey became a candidate of the EU between 1999 and 2004 and she has since written about the effect of increasing illiberality on Turkey’s relationship with the EU regarding its Kurdish policy and the 2015 migration crisis. Before returning to academia, Dr Martin was a BBC news producer and her most recent work has come a full circle to look at the state of news media freedom in Turkey and elsewhere. Follow her work on Twitter: @drnataliemartin

 Honorary Treasurer  

Mr Anthony Sheppard

Anthony Sheppard was born in 1949, grew up in Bath and studied Classics at Oxford.  After completing a BLitt thesis in Roman history, he came to Turkey  in 1975/6 as Institute Research Scholar, working on the Regional Epigraphic Catalogues of Asia Minor project. Following a short spell of teaching Ancient History and New Testament Greek at Durham, he joined what was then Post Office Telecommunications in 1980. He enjoyed a varied career in a rapidly changing industry, with roles in product management and marketing, product portfolio strategy, commercial policy and relations with other telecommunication operators.  Since retiring early from BT in 2007, he has served in several voluntary roles, including as Chairperson of Claygate Parish Council (2008-10), becoming the BIAA Honorary Treasurer in December 2012.  He has spoken at the Limmud educational conference in 2009, 2010 and 2014 on topics relating to Jewish history in the Roman period.

 Honorary Deputy Treasurer  

Mr Kamran Hashemi

Kamran Hashemi has worked in investment banking in London for over 30 years. He has been a long-standing supporter of educational and charitable organisations serving the community at large. Kamran is a member of the Board of Arseh Sevom, an NGO promoting civil society and human rights in Iran and was previously founding member and member of the Board of Iranian Community Centre established in 1983 to offer legal advisory services to asylum seekers in London, member of the board of trustees of Science and Arts Foundation and a founding member of United4Iran-London. Kamran has recently been shadowing BIAA Hon. Treasurer following his application to the advertised post.

 Council Members 

Dr Tamar Hodos visit institutional webpage>>
Dr Catherine Draycott visit institutional webpage>>

Professor Scott Redford visit institutional webpage>>
Dr Ceyda Karamursel visit institutional webpage>>                                                                                                                   Dr Aylin Orbasli visit institutional webpage>>                                                                                                                                              Dr Delwen Samuel visit LinkedIn webpage>>                                                                                                                                              Dr Michael Talbot visit institutional webpage>>                                                                                                                                           Dr Ziya Meral 


Honorary Posts


Professor David Hawkins, FBA, studied classics and philosophy at University College, Oxford. In 1964 he became a research fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London where he taught until his retirement in 2005. In 1993 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy. From 1965 he travelled regularly to Turkey, Syria and Iraq inspecting Hieroglyphic Hittite inscriptions in museums and open-air sites. He served as Honorary Secretary of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq from 1976 to 1986, and edited its journal Iraq from 1970 to 1995. He has sat on the Council and on the executive committees of the BIAA and has been the President of the Institute since 2009. 


Sir David Logan is a retired senior diplomat who was a Turkish specialist in the Diplomatic Service, serving in the political section of the British Embassy in Ankara from 1966-1970 and as Ambassador to Turkey from 1997-2001. He was later Director of the Centre for Studies in Security and Diplomacy at Birmingham University, and an Honorary Professor there, and has subsequent experience in business and other fields as a non-executive Director and consultant to a range of British, Russian and Turkish companies. He served as the Chairperson of the BIAA for 11 years between 2006-2017.


Sir Timothy Daunt was commissioned into the Royal Armoured Corps in 1955 and posted to the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars.  After completing national service, he joined the diplomatic service and, after a series of postings, became Permanent Representative to NATO in Brussels in 1982 and then British Ambassador to Turkey from 1986 until his retirement in 1992.   In retirement he became Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man.  He later became Chairperson of the Ottoman Fund, a business established to provide mortgages for properties in Turkey.  From 1995-2005 he served as Chairperson of the BIAA, and he was Chairperson of the BIAA Research Committee from 2003 until 2015.


Sir Matthew Farrer


BIAA Committees  

Research Committee

Professor Scott Redford (Chair)
Dr Lutgarde Vandeput
Mr Bill Park
Dr Claire Norton
Professor Jim Crow
Dr Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal
Dr Aylin Orbasl

Finance and Personnel Committee

Mr Anthony Sheppard (Chair)
Dr Lutgarde Vandeput
Dr Catherine Draycott
Dr Nicholas Milner
Mr Simon Corcoran
Dr Warren Eastwood
Mr Kamran Hasemi

Development Committee

Professor Stephen Mitchell (Chair)
Sir David Logan
Dr Lutgarde Vandeput
Professor Scott Redford
Dr Warren Eastwood

Publications Committee

Dr Tamar Hodos (Chair)
Dr Lutgarde Vandeput
Professor Naoise Mac Sweeney
Ms Gina Coulthard
Dr Christopher Markiewicz
Dr Ceren Lord 
Dr Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal
Dr Natalie Martin

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