Yaraşlı Survey

Location: near Yaraşlı village; Konya Province

Years: 1991

Project Director: Geoffrey Summers

Participants: Koral Ahmet, Tuğrul Çakar, Francoise Summers 

Government Representatives: Kubilay Yeğen

Funding: British Foreign and Commonwealth Office


The site of Yaraşlı, which is host to the large structure known as Çevre Kale, was rediscovered as early as 1899 and attracted attention from the BIAA during the 1950’s, when researchers like Michael Ballance, Alan Hall, James Mellaart, and David French travelled there to make sketch plans, record inscriptions, and collect sherds.  Stephen Mitchell then conducted an epigraphic survey there in the 1970’s. 

In 1991, research was reinitiated at Yaraşlı with the introduction of a project that aimed to use a helium-filled blimp, operated by remote control, to obtain aerial photographs of the site.  This was achieved, and allowed the team to note outlines of buildings not observable from the ground and also to create a plan using the photographs.  The plan included three primary elements: a citadel and surrounding stone wall with towers and buttresses, Çevre Kale, and tumuli lying near the road into Yaraşlı.  Pottery sherds were collected and subsequently stored in Ankara.


Summers, G.D. 1992: ‘An Aerial Survey of Çevre Kale, Yaraşlı’ Anatolian Studies 42: 179-206

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