Turkey and Britain 1914-1952: from Enemies to Allies

Geographical Focus: Turkey, UK, Middle East, Balkans

Years: 2015-2017

Management Team: Sir David Logan (Chairman, BIAA), Prof. Stephen Mitchell FBA (Hon. Sec. BIAA), William Park (King’s College London), and Dr Warren Dockter (Clare Hall, Cambridge).

Co-ordinator: Dr Daniel-Joseph Macarthur-Seal (BIAA Post-Doctoral Fellow)

Funding: BIAA, British Embassy at Ankara,


The British Institute at Ankara is undertaking a new research project to study the relationship between Turkey and Britain from the First World War, when the strategic alignments of the two nations placed them on opposing sides during one of its most traumatic battles, the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign, to Turkey’s entry into NATO in 1952, in the context of the Cold War between the western powers and the Soviet Union.

From Enemies to Allies aims to to create an active network of scholars from Turkey, the UK and other nationalities, bringing diverse approaches to the study of the early Turkish republic, especially its foreign policy, its relationship with Britain, and its place in the world order. The participants should draw on and represent their own historiographical traditions and access a full range of archival and other written source material from the UK, Turkey and elsewhere.

The project, which will focus primarily on diplomatic and political history, has the support of the British Embassy in Ankara, and will consist of four international workshops, two to be held in Turkey and two to be held in the UK, between 2015 and 2017.



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