The Sources of the Hittite Geography

Location:  Ankara

Year(s):  2018

Grant Recipient: Vladimir Shelestin, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)  

Funding:  BIAA

Under BIAA SRI(s):  Habitat and Settlement in prehistoric, historical and contemporary perspectives


Summary: Researching the Hittite geography, we deal with the numerous lists of place names, but the nature of these lists is not always clear for us. The scholars divide them into several groups according to their usability for the historical geographical studies, and my project investigated some of these groups to check their eligibility to localize unknown Hittite cities. We have within the Hittite corpus of texts the group of framents entitled “The lists of cities” that should contain the lists of cities arranged to a certain order at the first glance. My project tried to understand this order, the outcome was the comprehension of the fact that such lists did not exist in the Hittite corpus of texts, in contrast to the existance of such a genre in the Mesopotamian scribal tradition. All these fragments should be the parts of the texts of different genres, and the arrngement of these fragments to the certain genres of the Hittite texts became the main result of my project that contributes to our knowledge of the Hittite geography.

Resulting Publications: 

Shelestin, V. (2018?), "The position of the 'Lists of cities' (CTH 238) in the Hittite corpus of texts", Vestnik Drevnei Istorii, pp. unknown;

Shelestin, V. (2018?), "Did the 'Listes of cites' (CTH 238) existed?", Altorientalische Forschungen, pp. unknown

Shelestin, V. (2020?) '“Non-geographical” Lists of Place Names in the Hittite Texts', 10th International Congress of Hittitology. The University of Chicago, Oriental Institute, August 28th - September 1st, 2017.


Vladimir Shelestin:

I graduated magna cum laude from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2009. In 2009-2012, I conducted postgraduate studies at the State Academic University for the Humanities under supervision of Senior Researcher Dr. Alexandre Nemirovsky. My PhD thesis „Foreign policy of the Hittite kingdom between Muršili I and Tudhaliya I (XVI-I half of XV c. B.C.)“ was defended on October 22, 2014 at the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As the postdoctoral research fellow, I conducted in 2015-2016 the research project “Hittite perception of space” at the Kunsthistorishes Institut in Florence and the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations of the Koç University. Since December 2016, I am working as the researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2017-2018 I was working as visiting researcher at the Institut Français d’Études Anatoliennes and at the British Institute at Ankara.

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