Tell Esh-Sheikh Museum Study

Location: Antakya Museum; Hatay Province

Years: 1988-1990

Project Director: David French

Participants: Stuart and Shirley Blaylock, Geoffrey Summers (1988, 1990), Pervin Bilgen (1988), Jane Charlton (1988), Tuğrul Çakar (1988), Shahina Farid (1988, 1990), Caroline Jamfrey (1988), Christine Phillips (1988), Shirley Simpson (1989), Amanda Wallace (1990), Helen Boyd (1990), Helen Kingsley (1990)


In December 1988, after the close of the Adıyaman survey, a small group went to Antakya Museum to wash, mark, and register the collection of pottery material from Tell Esh-Sheikh, a site excavated in the 1940’s in connection with the work at Tabara El Akrad.  They began cataloguing sherds from the earliest levels and made good progress in this.

In 1989 excavations at Tille were extended until late November, leaving only one week to continue work on the Tell Esh-Sheikh material.  Between 11 and 16 December the team was successful in washing and consolidating approximately 20 more bags of pottery material.  A sequence developing from the Halaf to the end of the Ubaid period was evident from the pottery.

During 3 to 15 December 1990 the project was entirely completed.  At this point, all remaining pottery was washed and sorted, and the collection was re-stored.  Conservation and illustration work was also undertaken on some of the material, and detailed notes were compiled about the collection.


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See also:

French, D.H. 1990: ‘Gaziantep ve Hatay Müzelerinde Bulunan Sakçagözü ve Tell esh-Sheik Kazıları Malzemesi’ Araştırma Sonuçları Toplantısı 7: 435-442

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