Tabara El Akrad Excavation

Location: near Atchana (anciently Alalakh); Hatay Province

Years: 1948-1949

Project Director: Sinclair Hood

Participants: Sir Leonard Woolley, Baki Öğün


Sinclair Hood visited the site of Tabara El Akrad in autumn 1948, where he found some interesting burnished pottery samples that led him to undertake a small-scale sounding.  The sounding was arranged by Ruhi Tekhan, Director of the Antioch Museum, and carried out at Hood’s own expense, using Sir Leonard Woolley’s equipment.  Hood, Baki Öğün, and a team of ten completed the sounding over the course of five days in early December 1948.  The pottery found during this sounding was reminiscent of the “Khirbet Kerak” ware and believed to belong to a period sometime between the Chalcolithic and the Bronze Age.

In autumn 1949, Woolley and Hood undertook a deep sounding, again arranged by Tekhan, and carried out with the assistance of Öğün and some thirty men.  They were specifically interested to discover more about the connections, both geographic and chronological, between the Chalcolithic Tell Esh-Sheikh site and the Bronze Age site of Atchana.


Hood, S. 1951: ‘Excavations at Tabara El Akrad’ Anatolian Studies 1: 113-147

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