Survey of Rough Cilicia

Location: Antalya and Mersin Provinces

Years: 1961, 1964

Project Directors: G. E. Bean, T. B. Mitford


In 1961, Bean and Mitford undertook three weeks of travel to sites around Alanya, including Hamaxia, Syedra, Laertes, Selinus, Adanda, and Cestrus.  While there are still many questions as to the identity of ancient sites in the region, they suggested based on their research that it was possible to equate Sinekkalesi with Hamaxia, Cabelireş with Laertes, and Alanya with Coracesium and Arsinoe.

From 14 June to 4 July 1964, the two conducted an epigraphic survey in the Gündoğmuş area, in regions along the coast between Manavgat and Silifke.  Mitford then continued on to explore the Göksu valley, between 18 to 28 July, and the Alara Çayı valley region, between 9 and 30 August.  Altogether approximately five city sites were visited, and about fifty inscriptions (all previously unpublished) were discovered. 

Bean and Mitford carried out further seasons of exploration in Rough Cilicia during the later 1960s under the auspices of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Bean, G.E., Mitford, T.B. 1962: ‘Sites Old and New in Rough Cilicia’ Anatolian Studies 12: 185-217

1965: ‘Report of the Council of Management and of the Director for 1964’ Anatolian Studies 15: 7, 12

See also:

Bean, G.E., Mitford, T.B. 1967: Journeys in Rough Cilicia in 1962 and 1963. Vienna

Bean, G.E., Mitford, T.B. 1970: Journeys in Rough Cilicia 1964-1968. Vienna 

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