Survey of Prehistoric Sites in Northwestern Anatolia

Location: İznik; Bursa Province

Years: 1960-1961, 1965-1966

Project Director: David French

Participants: D. C. Biernoff


David French became interested in prehistoric sites in northwestern Anatolia following James Mellaart’s work in the region.  He visited the İznik area in 1960, 1961, and 1965, investigating particularly the sites around İnegöl, Yenişehir, İznik, and the hills of Pazaryeri.  He was specifically attempting a reinvestigation of archaeological remains, reconstructing a tentative pottery sequence for the area based on sherds collected at those sites in the course of previous excavations or fieldwork in the region.  He also took detailed notes of the mounds or tumuli he encountered, recording the size, approximate location, and other pertinent information.  D. Biernoff also conducted fieldwork in the region in November and December 1966, collecting surface finds which included chipped and ground stone items and pottery sherds.


French, D.H. 1967: ‘Prehistoric Sites in Northwest Anatolia I. The İznik Area’ Anatolian Studies 17: 49-100

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