Survey of Cilician Castles

Location: Cilicia; Adana, Mersin, Muğla Provinces

Years: 1960, 1962

Project Directors: W. W. M. Boal, J. G. Dunbar

Participants: S. Sinclair, A. Henshall (1960), D. F. Scott (1960), C. Dymond (1960), Telford (1962)

Funding: Carnegie Trust, University of Edinburgh


In 1960 a team of researchers undertook survey work in ancient Cilicia.  Their primary goal was to visit and survey the castles of this region.  Between August and September, they visited structures at Gökvelioğlu, Ilan, Kozan, Namrun, and Tumlu, conducting a particularly detailed survey of the castle of Feke.

Across three weeks in late August and September 1962 they recommenced the study, this time visiting the castles at Kürtüllü (Ak Kale), Savuran, Hamde, Yılan, Bodrum, Anavarza and Silifke.  They revised work on their previous survey of Vahga, and focused particularly on the small castle of Erzil (Azgit), near Andırın.


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1963: ‘Report of the Council of Management and of the Director for 1962’ Anatolian Studies 13: 4-5, 9

See also:

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