Social Media in Turkey

Years: 2015-2016

Type: Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Research Fellow: Dr. Elisabetta Costa

Funding: BIAA

Summary: The research project aimed at investigating uses and consequences of social media in southeast Turkey. The project focused particularly on the implications that social media had on gender, morality, intimacy, and kinship. Drawing on a long-term ethnographic study in Mardin, a medium-sized town in southeast Turkey, the project represented an alternative to the western-centric orientation that pervades social media studies. It also contributed substantially to the growing field of digital anthropology and anthropology of media.

Resulting publications


Costa E. 2016. Social Media in Southeast Turkey: Love, Kinship and Politics. London: UCL Press.

Co-authored book

Costa, E. et al. 2016. How the World Changed Social Media. London: UCL Press

Edited collection

Costa E. and Menin L. eds “Digital Intimacies: Exploring Digital Media and Intimate Lives in the Middle East and North Africa”. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. 2016. Vol 9 (2).

Journal Article

Costa, E. 2016. The Morality of Premarital Romances: Social Media, Flirting and Love in Southeast Turkey. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. Vol 9 (2).

Related Events:

Public Lecture: Social Media in South-East Turkey: Continuities and Transformations

Workshop: Social Media in Turkey: Uses and impacts in Social and Political Life

09 April 2016 09:30 to 18:00

Co-organised by the British Institute at Ankara and the Social Anthropology Graduate Program of the Middle East Technical University.

Venue: Culture and Convention Centre, Hall A. Middle East Technical University / METU

Convenor: Dr. Elisabetta Costa (BIAA)

Dr Elisabetta Costa is an anthropologist specialising in the study of digital media, social media, journalism, politics and gender in Turkey and the Middle East. Elisabetta has been awarded a PhD by the University of Milan-Bicocca in June 2011. She joined the BIAA in 2015 after concluding a research that was part of the comparative research project based at UCL Department of Anthropology, the Global Social Media Impact Study ( The project aimed at understanding the impact of social media on the world population. As part of it she carried out 15 months ethnography in Mardin, a medium-sized town in south-east Turkey, focusing especially on the impact of social media on politics, gender, kinship and intimate relations. During her fellowship Elisabetta completed her monograph Social media in south-east Turkey, and the edited volume How the world changed social media.  

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