Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey (SARAT)

Location: Turkey

Year(s): 2017-2020

Lead Institution: The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) 

Partner Institutions: 

Funding: The Cultural Protection Fund / British Council (CPL-O69-16) 

Total Amount: £923,660

Under BIAA SRI(s): Cultural heritage, society and economy in Turkey 


Summary: The aim of the 'Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey' (SARAT) project is to increase knowledge, capacity, and awareness regarding the protection of Turkey’s archaeological assets. SARAT engages in many different education and research-related activities in line with this goal. 


The goal of the SARAT project is to contribute to the safeguarding of Turkey’s archaeological assets through people-oriented approaches that enhance capacity and awareness.

In order to achieve this goal, SARAT seeks to:

  • Understand the relationship that people in Turkey have with archaeology and with their country’s archaeological heritage and develop new ideas about how to enhance that relationship;

  • Increase social awareness about safeguarding archaeological assets and promote understanding that protection can succeed only when many individuals – as well as organisations – feel responsible for their protection;

  • Increase the professional and technical capacity and know-how of professionals working in the fields of archaeology and cultural heritage by means of online courses and workshops;

  • Increase risk-management knowledge and experience concerning how to deal with potential emergencies in the museums housing Turkey’s vast store of archaeological assets;

  • Increase archaeology-related know-how and awareness among journalists in order to improve the accuracy and quality of their archaeological news reporting;

  • Explain the harm that illegal excavations, treasure-hunting, and illicit trafficking in archaeological artefacts causes to archaeological assets and to knowledge about them.

Belongs to;
Cultural Heritage Management

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