Pleistocene Enviroments of the Gediz Valley: Stable isotope signatures from Travertines

Location: Turkey

Year(s): 2017-18

Grant Recipient: Darrel Maddy, Newcastle University


Prof Darrel Maddy, Newcastle University  (project leader)
Dr Ian Boomer, Birmingham University (stable isotope analysis)
Prof Tuncer Demir, Akdeniz University (Turkish project member)
Dr Serdar Aytac, Harrn University (Turkish porject member)
Mr Mark Armstronng, Newcastle University (Field Assistant)

Funding: BIAA, University of Twente, University of Newcastle, Wageningen University 

Under BIAA SRI(s): Climate change and the environment

Summary: The chemical composition of travertines can reveal significant insight into their formation. Within the Gediz valley north of Kula, travertine mounds and cascades have formed along fault lines where they are associated with precipitation from emerging ground water. Stratigraphic analysis of these travertine deposits will allow the reconstruction of palaeoenvironments (both surface and subsurface) through time.

Darrel Maddy:

BSc (Wales), 1985: PhD (London), 1989: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow 1989 (London), 1990 (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), 1991-1994 (Southampton). Lecturer, 1994-1998 (University of Gloucestershire), Lecturer-Reader 1998 – 2005, Professor 2005- (Newcastle University).

Belongs to;
Archaeology and Related Disciplines

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