Plain of Cilicia Survey

Location: Plain of Cilicia (anciently the “Aeolian Plain”); Mersin and Adana Provinces

Year: 1951

Project Director: Veronica Seton-Williams

Participants: Joan du Plat Taylor, Margaret Munn-Rankin, J. Waechter, James Mellaart


In June and July 1951 Veronica Seton-Williams and her team surveyed mounds in the Plain of Cilicia, recording approximately 150 sites and keeping a record of surface finds.  Their main goal was to collect data on the pre-Classical sites in the region, particularly in the Plain of Cilicia and the Gulf of Iskenderun, with the purpose of determining when they were occupied.  Later settlements were also found, however, and these were recorded as well.

Seton-Williams’ work remains the “most comprehensive survey until today”, and her research has brought to light most of the settlement mounds now known in the Cilician Plain (Wawruschka 2010: 579).


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