Pisidia Cultural Heritage Management Project

Location: Ancient Pisidia

Year(s):  2015 - ongoing

Project Coordinator: Işılay Gürsu

Advisors: Lutgarde Vandeput, Stephen Mitchell

Participants: Hakan Tarhan, Güldem Baykal Büyüksaraç, Michele Massa, Ümit Işın, Gökhan Deniz

Funding: BIAA, The Headley Trust 

Supporters to the Pisidia Appeal: Aurelius Charitable Trust, The Society of Dilettanti Charitable Trust Fund, Robert Kiln Charitable Trust, Leche Trust, the Stevenson Family Charitable Trust and individual donors. 


The Pisidia CHM project of the British Institute at Ankara builds on results of the Pisidia Archaeological Survey Project directed by Stephen Mitchell and Lutgarde Vandeput. The project involves both a theoretical and practical aspect and focuses on the creation of a regional cultural heritage management plan for Pisidia. This ancient region is located in the Taurus Mountain range, located in a wildly beautiful mountain landscape. However they are rarely visited and therefore an easy target for looting.

The project resulted in the creation of a long distance walking trail. Pisidia Heritage Trail reaches to 350 kilometers connecting many archaeological sites in the region. The trail is designed to attract hikers and nature lovers, adventurers in general and to increase economical benefits for the communities who live by these ruins. This in turn is expected to result in increased protection of the sites by the local communities against illicit digging.

For more information about the projects please visit: www.culturalheritageturkey.com


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