Panemoteichos and Ören Tepe Survey – Pisidia Survey Project

Location: Boğazköy, near Bademağacı; Burdur Province,

Years: 1995

Director: Stephen Mitchell

Participants: Sabri Aydal, Susan Breeuwsma, Veli Köse, Kevin Lynch, Penny McParlin, Stephanie Mühlenbrock, Paula Pugsley, Thurstan Robinson, Lutgarde Vandeput

Government Representatives: M. Akaslan (1995)

Funding: BIAA, British Academy


The Hellenistic and Roman site of Panemoteichos was first found in 1993, after some inscriptions uncovered during the course of construction in Boğazköy village pointed towards its location.  The first full survey season took place over ten days in September 1995, and focused on both the city and its environs.  Some samples of worked flints of the epipalaeolithic period were collected, and a predecessor to the Roman site was found slightly to the east.  This was highly significant, as it was the only major settlement discovered between Antalya and Burdur lake to date from the first half of the first millennium BC.  The site was extensive, with some remnants of a wall circuit dating to around the eighth to sixth centuries BC discovered, as well as a structure that may have been a temple.  Sherds from the later site were also collected, mostly pottery fragments.  A rock-cut cistern was also uncovered, as well as rock-cut graves, and some new inscriptions.  The Roman aqueduct was traced and mapped.

A fort was identified 2km west of Boğazköy on Asar hill, known locally as Ören Tepe, provisionally dated to the Hellenistic period.  The site was measured and a plan was created.  It appeared to be a fortification with a large stone wall and towers; the interior was well-preserved and the plan easy to discern.  Whilst no material evidence existed to provide a sure date, it looked to be a fort from the Hellenistic period, constructed in order to house a garrison, perhaps.  A late Roman church, likely dating to the fourth to fifth century AD, was found to have been built on the hill; a ground plan of this structure was made.  Subsequent study by one of the team members, Thurstan Robinson, has made a strong case for identifying the whole site as late Roman in date.


Anatolian Archaeology 1: 15-18


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