Ottoman Bulgaria

Location:  Bulgaria

Year(s):  2017-2018

Grant Recipient: Andrew Petersen, University of Wales


Funding:  BIAA

Under BIAA SRI(s):  Cultural heritage, society and economy in Turkey, Interconnections of peace and conflict: culture, politics institutions in national, regional and international perspectives

Summary: The aim of this project is to investigate the archaeology of the Ottoman period in Bulgaria. Although Bulgaria tody regards itself as a primarily European country for more than five centiries it was part of the Ottoman empire and contains a considerabe archaeological legacy from this period. The first phase of the project  comprised an assessment of the potential for Ottoman archaeology looking at a range of sites and monuments throughout the country. The second phase which is in progress will focus on specific urban sites which have significant potential for undertsnding aspects of the Ottoman Bulgarian past 

Resulting Publications: 

Petersen, A.D. “Under the Yoke”: The Archaeology of the Ottoman Period in Bulgaria in  Journal of Islamic Archaeology Vol 3, No.2 2017
Petersen, A.D. Ottoman Towns in Bulgaria in Heritage Turkey 2016, p.40
Petersen, A.D. The Ottoman archaeology and architecture of Bulgaria in Heritage Turkey 2015, p.40

Andrew Petersen:

I am an archaeologist specialising in the Ottoman period. I have previously carried out architectural surveys and archaeological excavations on Ottoman sites in the Middle East including Palestine, Qatar, Iraq and Jordan. With this background I was interested in investigating the European aspect of the Ottoman legacy and in particular the post-medieval archaeology of Bulgaria. 

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Byzantine & Ottoman History

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