New Interpretative Challenges of the Battle of Mantzikert (1071 A.D.)

Location: British Library, London 

Year(s):  2017-2018

Grant Recipient: Antonios Vratimos - Chatzopoulos, Sakarya University

Funding:  BIAA, Turkish and the Black Sea Scholars Fund

Under BIAA SRI(s):  Interconnections of peace and conflict: culture, politics, institutions in national, regional and international perspectives


Summary: The battle of Mantzikert is a significant milestone for the Byzantine history given that it opened the doors to the systematic conquest of Anatolia by the Seljuks in the end of the eleventh century. The existence of more than thirty-five sources must not be considered as an asset to research. Their contradictory accounts are rather conducive to the lack of a firm footing upon which to reconstruct a definite understanding of the battle. Contrary to modern scholarly analysis, the project suggests to see this event through the lens of a different perspective, trying to reconcile the variable elements found in the sources, and delving into certain aspects that have been so far overlooked. Much attention will be paid to key-references whose presence in the texts is far from accidental. Yet, their reappraisal may disclose new elements concerning the strategy of the two leaders, Alp Arslan and Romanos Diogenes.

Resulting Publications: 

"Joseph Tarchaneiotes and the Battle of Mantzikert (1071 A.D.)", Symbolae Osloenses

"Revising the Role of the Armenians in the Battle of Mantzikert", Belleten

Seminar: "Issues on the Battle of Mantzikert" METU, Ankara (11 May, 2018)

Antonios Vratimos - Chatzopoulos:

Antonios Vratimos (Ph.D Cardiff University, UK, 2006) is an Assistant Professor of Byzantine Studies in the History Department at the University of Sakarya, Turkey. He has worked as a lecturer at Cardiff University and the University of Yeditepe in Turkey. His academic interests deal with political and military aspects of the eleventh-century Byzantine Historiography. He is the author of scholarly studies on Michael Attaleiates, Michael Psellos, and more recently on the battle of Mantzikert (1071 A.D.).

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Byzantine & Ottoman History

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