Kayseri Survey

Location: Kayseri Province

Years: 1996

Director: Michael Ballance

Participants: Derek Welsby, Isabella Welsby-Sjöström

Government Representatives: Yavuz Ortaakarsu

Funding: BIAA, Seven Pillars of Wisdom Trust, Craven Committee (Oxford)


Although Classical Kayseri (Caesarea in Cappadocia) had been visited previously by scholars in 1961, then 1991 and 1995, much work remained to be done.  In October 1996 a small team visited to investigate its ancient geography.  They were particularly looking for traces of the ancient wall, mentioned on coins around AD241.  The wall at Taşlıburun was investigated, but proved to be an independent structure, unconnected to a continuous city wall.  Textual clues led the team to investigate the western crest of the valley, where they found a section of the city wall.  Another stretch of about 15m of wall was found on the western slope of Eskişehir Tepesi.  The Byzantine and Selçuk fortifications at the city centre were found to be well-preserved, and clearly constructed across two phases. 


Anatolian Archaeology 2: 13-14

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Archaeology and Related Disciplines

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