Kaynar Kale Survey - Pisidia Survey Project

Location: near Yazıpınar; Burdur Province

Years: 1995-1996

Director: Stephen Mitchell

Participants: T. Robinson, P. Pugsley, P. McParlin, S. Mühlenbrock, F. Hofmann, S. Breeuwsma, Lutgarde Vandeput, Veli Köse, Sabri Aydal

Government Representatives: M. Akaslan (1995)

Funding: BIAA, British Academy


Between 6 September and 6 October 1995, four Pisidian cities and their territories were investigated.  One of these was Kaynar Kale, a site about 10km west of the town Yazıpınar and tentatively identified as ancient Kodrula, first discovered in 1955.  It had subsequently been visited by Stephen Mitchell in the 1980s and 1990s.  In 1955 the main buildings of the site, including a bath building, aqueduct, and temple, and an  important group of Pisidian Hellenistic ostothecae were identified.  Further work was interrupted by inclement weather.  In 1996, the city walls were mapped and a detailed record was made of the Doric temple, the bath house, and smaller sculpted monuments and inscriptions.


Anatolian Archaeology 1: 15-18; 2: 19-21


Aydal, S., Mitchell, S., Vandeput, L. 1998: ‘1996 yılı Pisida yüzey araştırması’ XV Araştırma Sonuçları Toplantısı 2, 275-94

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