Islamic Fashion, Economy and Morality in Modern Turkey

Years: 2012 – 2013

Type: Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Research Fellow: Dr. Magdalena Craciun

Funding: BIAA


This project undertook anthropological research into Islamic fashion and the articulation of economy and morality in contemporary Turkey. A first stage of fieldwork was carried out in Istanbul between March and June 2012.

The research project focused on a less-explored component of Islamic fashion, that is, on the design and production of commodified forms of religious appearance, and addressed the relationships between religion, economics and materiality that these activities, and their presentation and legitimation might reveal. Therefore the project represented an attempt to go beyond a tendency to consider ‘the way of God’ and the ‘way of money’ as mutually exclusive and searches for sites where the practical and discursive articulations might become visible.

Resulting Publications:

Magda Craciun Material Culture and Authenticity: Fake Branded Fashion in Europe (Bloomsbury 2012)
Belongs to;
Contemporary Turkish Society & Politics
History, Politics and Social Sciences

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