Generating Local-specific Knowledge for the Sustainable Future Development of Rize

Location: Rize, Turkey

Year: 2017 

Grant Recipient: Ender Peker, Middle East Technical University


Ender Peker, BIAA (Director and moderator)
Anlı Ataov, Middle East Technical University (moderator)
Merve Gürsoy, Middle East Technical University (research assistant)
Mert Varankaya, Middle East Technical University (research assistant)

Funding: BIAA

Under BIAA SRI(s): Climate change and the environment

Summary: The project aimed to facilitate the development of a joint urban-vision for the future urban development of Rize, a city in the Eastern Black-Sea Region of Turkey. The project had two main objectives. First was to explore the current, experienced requirements and problems of living in the wet and humid climate. Second was to initiate a participatory decision-making process for the purpose of developing a shared future vision that responds to the identified challenges in the city of Rize. The ambition of the project was producing local knowledge that could contribute to the urban planning practicalities of the Municipality of Rize, particularly Rize 2053 urban development plan.
The project was completed through conduction of a participatory analysis workshop. The workshop included a series of focus groups with 108 participants representing staff from county municipalities, professional chambers, ministries, universities, built-environment practitioners, NGOs, and foundations. Participants identified three major problem areas as 1) unplanned urbanization in the challanging geography, 2) lack of education and 3) challenges of tea production in the city.

Resulting Publications: 

Peker, E. (2017) A participatory analysis workshop: Bringing stakeholders together to identify major urban problem areas in Rize, Heritage Turkey, British Institute at Ankara, Volume 7, pp. 23-24

Ender Peker:

Ender Peker is an urbanist specialising in climate responsive urban design, in particular the ways in which the built environment is co-produced by technical rules, regulations and codes that seek to order urban life in deference to inhabitants’ socio-ecologic values.
Ender got his Ms degree in Urban Design and Ba degree in City and Regional Planning from Middle East Technical University. He holds a PhD from University of Reading, UK. His PhD research entitled “Provision of Urban Thermal Comfort: A Socio-Technical Approach to Climate Responsive Urban Design”, developed a design approach that integrates the technical knowledge regarding climate sensitivity with the social knowledge generated within and by local communities. He was a post-doctoral research fellow at BIAA in 2016-2017 academic year. 

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History, Politics and Social Sciences

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