Early Iron Age – Classical period Sinope: settlement, colonisation and Black Sea networks


Location:  Sinope

Year(s): 2015-2018 

Grant Recipient(s): Jane Rempel & Sue Sherratt, University of Sheffield


Jane Rempel, University of Sheffield
Sue Sherratt, University of Sheffield

Nick Groat, University of Sheffield
Beth Watson, University of Sheffield
Holly Rosevear, University of Sheffield

Funding: BIAA, Department of Archaeology - University of Sheffield, National Endowment for the Humanities 

Under BIAA SRI(s): Habitat and Settlement in prehistoric, historical and environmental perspective 





Summary: Collaboration in the Sinop Kale Excavations (SKE) at ancient Sinope, investigating the nature of late prehistoric activity at the site and the impact of early Greek settlement, in order to nuance our understanding of larger Black Sea networks in these periods. SKE, directed by Professor Owen Doonan (California State University Northridge), builds on more than a decade of survey and environmental research conducted by the Sinop Regional Archaeological Project. Its aim is to investigate the nature of pre-Greek settlement as well as the early Greek settlement and its later development.

Resulting Publications: 

Doonan, O. in press. “Sinop Kalesi'nde Yapılan Yeni Çalışmalar Işığında Sinope'nin Erken Koloni Dönemine Bakış,” in G. Köroğlu (Ed.) Sinope Arkeoloji ve Tarihi (Sinop Valilik)

Doonan, O. et al. 2017.  “Sinop Kalesi Archaeological Excavations, 2015-2016 Field Seasons,” Pp. 178-99 in S. Steadman and G. McMahon The Archaeology of Anatolia: Recent Discoveries Vol. 2, Cambridge Scholars Press.

Doonan, O. 2016.  "Sinope, new understandings of the early colony based on recent research at Sinop Kale," Pp. 217-23 in M. Manoledakis (Ed.) The Black Sea in the light of new archaeological data and theoretical approaches (Thessaloniki).

Sherratt, S. "Questions concerning the Black Sea during the LBA/EIA transition. In C. Glatz, A. Bauer and S. Sherratt (eds),Archaeology of the Early Black Sea Region: Connectivity and Remoteness (Routledge)

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Rempel, J. 2015. Settlement, colonisation and Black Sea networks: Early Iron Age to Classical Sinope. Heritage Turkey 5, 30-31.

Rempel, J. and S. Sherratt 2016. Sinop Kale Excavations 2016. Heritage Turkey 6, 25-27.

Rempel, J. and S. Sherratt 2017.  Sinop Kale Excavations 2017: Hellenistic fortifications and handmade pottery. Heritage Turkey 7, 34-35.

Jane Rempel and Sue Sherratt are collaborators in Sinop Kale Excavations, directed by O. Doonan (California State University Northridge). Both have been members of the Sinop Kale Excavations team since the start of the project in 2014 and Sherratt has collaborated with the Sinop Regional Archaeological Project since 2010. Rempel’s research and excavation experience has focussed on Greek settlements in the Black Sea region, in Russia and Ukraine. Sherratt is an expert on the Greek world in the Early Iron Age, the eastern Mediterranean and the role of metal in Greek expansion. Rempel and Sherratt are both permanent academic staff members in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

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