Dağpazarı Survey

Location: Dağpazarı village; Mersin Province

Years: 1957-1959

Project Directors: Michael and Mary Gough

Participants: Michael Ballance, David Ballance, Sally Kistruck, Miss Gordon Smith, David Wilson (1958 only)

Government Representative: Mehmet Yaylalı (1957)


In 1957, a three week reconnaissance of Dağpazarı was undertaken by the Goughs and their team, in the interval between the excavation work at Beycesultan and Hacılar.  During the second half of July they investigated Classical and early Christian ruins in the Alahan area.  They cleared a fourth or fifth century AD church with a mosaic and a domed ambulatory church from the sixth or seventh century.

In July 1958 work to locate and document early Christian architecture continued, again taking place between the other two major excavations.  The team undertook soundings in four areas: a basilica, the domed ambulatory church (where a mosaic was discovered), a funerary church in very good condition, and private Byzantine houses, which yielded a few coins.

The third and final season, taking place in July and September 1959, was on a slightly larger scale than the others, and considerably successful.  In the clearance of the fourth-century church, it was found to be very well-preserved, and to contain two mosaic floors and an entire altar base in situ.  A fifth-century thurible made of bronze (now housed in the Adana Museum) also came out of this church; it had originally been found on the site by villagers some time earlier.


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