Çatalhöyük Regional Survey

Location: Konya Province

Years: 1993-1994

Director: Trevor Watkins

Participants: Douglas Baird

Government Representatives: Naci Bakırcı (1993), Cengiz Topal (1994)

Funding: BIAA, British Academy, University of Edinburgh


In 1993, whilst excavation work was again underway at Çatalhöyük, a new survey programme was undertaken.  Trevor Watkins directed the effort of surveying surrounding regions to better understand settlement patterns and to determine locations of other archaeological sites in the region.  This survey worked in partnership with the geomorphological and environmental research programme that was happening at Çatalhöyük, sharing the aim of producing a more holistic chronological and environmental overview of the area.  Research began on 9 September, and included reading up on earlier surveys conducted on the Konya Plain and reviewing maps and other artefacts.  Survey work took place between 17 and 22 September, and concentrated on investigating and recording mounds across an area of about 120km2.  High densities of surface remains were found throughout, and were typically in good condition.   

The project was continued in 1994 across two seasons.  The first part occurred between 23 August and 14 September, and focused on a site called Pınarbaşı.  The second part was a continuation of the survey, lasting between 19 and 26 September.  This year the area to the west of Kara Dağ was topographically surveyed, and surface material was collected and catalogued.  Five höyüks were identified, some with indications of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age occupation.  Beyond providing new information about such sites individually, the project was also successful in contributing to the broader geographical and historical understanding of the area, allowing Çatalhöyük itself to be better understood within its context.  A pamphlet with photos and plans of the mound sites was created for Karaman Museum.


Anatolian Studies 44: 13-15; 45: 9-13

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Archaeology and Related Disciplines

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