Balkan Futures

Years: 2012-2015

Scientific investigator(s): Marc Herzog (BIAA); Catherine Morgan (BSA); Maria Couroucli (EFA)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Dr. Özge Dilaver


Balkan Futures, a project run jointly between the British Institute at Ankara and The British School at Athens (with the Ecole Française d’Athens and the London School of Economics as key partner institutions), aims to foster new research in the area of Balkan regional studies and examine inter-regional development and cooperation in south-eastern Europe during a period of crisis rather than consolidation within the European Union (EU).

A particular focus is on perceptions of the region, examining how the region has changed since the collapse of communism. The increasing relevance of the development of internal state structures and institutions in the EU will be assessed, as will inter-state relations and the management of trans-boundary issues. The project also (given the current political and economic crisis in the EU) looks at the rise of nationalism and the political right in the region. Furthermore, the project encompasses a more specific focus on Greece and Turkey within the context of the Balkans, examining their roles and aspirations in the region, as well as their bilateral relations – which have played a major part in the shaping of the region.

As part of this research project, three separate workshops were organised the first of which was held in Ankara in April 2013 with the others held in Athens in March 2014 and December 2014. For further information please follow the below link:

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