Ayaş (Elaeussa) Survey

Location: Ayaş (anciently Elaeussa); Mersin Province

Years: 1952-1953

Project Directors: Michael and Mary Gough

Participants: David Oates, David Wilson

Government Representative: Mehmet Yaylalı


Michael and Mary Gough undertook survey work, inscription recording, and minor excavations at Ayaş in Cilicia in 1952 (for one month) and 1953 (for ten days).  One of the most significant accomplishments resulting in their work there was the creation of detailed plans of the Christian church and its mosaic floor, which had been built inside an older Roman temple.


Gough, M. 1954: ‘Temple and Church at Ayaş (Cilicia)’ Anatolian Studies 4: 49-64

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