Augusta Ciliciae Survey

Location: about 16km north of Adana; Adana Province

Year: 1955

Project Director: Michael Gough

Participants: Mary Gough, Stuart Piggott

Funding: Carnegie Trust, Russell Trust, Leverhulme Trust


Michael and Mary Gough identified a likely site for the ancient city of Augusta Ciliciae on 10 September 1955.  The location was initially pointed out to them as a site of Roman ruins by W. G. Mitchell, an American engineer who in 1953 had come across it while conducting reconnaissance work connected to the construction of the Seyhan Dam. 

Though there was no time to conduct an excavation, the Goughs were able to collect and date surface material.  The coins discovered there, along with the geographical location and evidence from literature, make a very good case for equating the site with the ancient Augusta Ciliciae.  The Seyhan Dam was completed soon after the Goughs’ visit, and the site has since been entirely flooded.


Gough, M. 1956: ‘Augusta Ciliciae’ Anatolian Studies 6: 165-177

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