Ariassos Survey – Pisidia Survey Project

Location: near the Çubuk Boğazı; Antalya Province

Years: 1988, 1990

Project Director: Stephen Mitchell

Participants: Sabri Aydal, Eddie Owens, Sarah Cormack, Armin Schulz, Y. Day (1988), A. Millard (1988), M. Lodewijckx (1988), R. Degeest (1988), Lutgarde Vandeput (1988), C. Nuitjen (1988), D. Roberts (1988), R. Johnson (1988), S. Corker (1988), D. Pohl (1988), Linda Keyes (1990), Ian Williams (1990), Ian Pollet (1990), Danny Gysen (1990), Claudia Rutherford (1990)

Government Representatives: Osman Ermişer (1988), Yusuf Gül (1990)

Funding: BIAA, British Academy, Roman Society, Craven Committee



In 1988 the Pisidia Survey Project, which had begun with surveys of Pisidian Antioch, Cremna, and Sagalassos, was in its seventh year and initiated a new site at Ariassos.  While this location had been visited by Lanckoronski in 1892, no systematic study had been conducted.  During a season that lasted through the spring and summer, a plan of the entire site was created by the BIAA team.  Among the interesting features that received special attention were a Roman theatre, nymphaeum, and bath complex, a Hellenistic civic centre that included a bouleuterion and prytaneion, and some well-preserved cemeteries.  Twenty five inscriptions around the site were recorded, and a few significant sites in the surrounding territory, including three Roman roads, were also discovered.

Work at Ariassos continued between 24 August to 24 September 1990.  Nearly 500m of the city’s fortification wall were traced this season, and some modifications and improvements were made to the plan of the Hellenistic civic centre.  A notable three-arched gateway on the site along with some other Roman public buildings were studied, and the inscriptions found there were copied.  Two Christian basilicas were identified in the lower part of the city.  The domestic quarters, some built tombs, and the aqueduct and ancient road that led to Termessos were also studied, which – taken in combination with all other survey work – allowed for a picture of Ariassos’ history to emerge with greater clarity.


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