Ancyra Epigraphy

Location: Ankara; Ankara Province

Years: 1992-1997, 2004-2011

Project Director: David French, Stephen Mitchell

Participants: Ender Varinlioğlu (1992-97), Graham Oliver (2005)

Government Representatives: Sena Mutlu (1992)


In November 1992, a project was initiated for the study and recording of any inscriptions surviving in the Byzantine or Turkish monuments of Ankara.  Nearly all of these had been published, but the project aimed at recording the inscriptions (by taking notes, squeezes, and photographs, as applicable) in order to conduct comparisons with the publications.  The locations of the ancient spolia were then marked and subsequently charted onto a plan of the city.  The research was intended to provide material for the first volume of RECAM.  David French worked on the project between 1992 and 1997 in close collaboration with the director of the Museum in Ankara, Ilhan Temizsoy. 

Between 2004 and 2010 French and Stephen Mitchell carried out detailed work in the Roman baths, the main Museum collection, at the temple of Augustus, and in locations around Ankara to update the work, complete a comprehensive collection of photographs and squeezes, and prepare the publication, the first volume of which appeared in 2012.


1993: ‘The Year’s Work’ Anatolian Studies 43: 9

See also:

French, D. 2003:  Greek, Latin and Byzantine Inscriptions of Ancyra. Ankara

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Mitchell, S., French, D. 2012: The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra) Vol. 1: From Augustus to the end of the third century AD. Munich

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