Amasya Museum Ancient Coin Catalogue Project

Location: Amasya Museum; Amasya Province

Year: 1992

Project Director: Stanley Ireland and Director of Amasya Museum

Participants: Helen Ireland


In 1992, the Amasya Museum Ancient Coin Catalogue project was launched as a joint collaboration involving the BIAA, Amasya Museum, and Warwick University.  Stanley and Helen Ireland catalogued about 6000 ancient coins from Amasya Museum’s collection, ranging in period from the Hellenistic to the late Byzantine.  The process involved weighing, measuring, describing, photographing, and taking a foil impression of each coin.  Their work comprised an important foundational study that would become the basis of future analyses and publications.


1993: ‘The Year’s Work’ Anatolian Studies 43: 9-10

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Ireland, S. 2000: Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins in the museum at Amasya (Ancient Amaseia), Turkey. London

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