Alanya Survey

Location: Alanya (formerly Alaiye); Antalya Province

Years: 1953

Project Director: Seton Lloyd

Participants: D. Storm Rice, Michael Ballance

Between May and June 1953, and then for three weeks in August, the team carried out a survey of Alanya.  A site map of the entire city was created, which was facilitated by the use of aerial photographs.  Architectural drawings of 28 principal buildings were made and inscriptions were recorded.  Additionally, careful drawings and photographs were created of Seljuk buildings around Alanya itself, of medreses at nearby Oba and Gulefşen, and of a castle at Alara.

In total, 31 inscriptions were examined in the city of Alanya, most of which were entirely in Arabic, though some were partially in Persian.  These inscriptions lent insight into the monuments themselves, providing information connected to the buildings’ architects and dates of construction.


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See also:

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