Alahan Pottery Study

Location: Mut Museum; Mersin Province

Year: 2005

Project Director: Mark Jackson

Participants: Katie Green, Jess Tinsley, Gabriele Mietke

Funding: BIAA, external grant


When Michael Gough died suddenly in 1973 (he had been professor of Early Christian Archaeology at the University of Toronto since 1968), a number of the finds from his fieldwork at Alahan remained in storage without ever having been studied.  Mark Jackson re-visited these ceramic and carved stone artefacts after the Goughs’ storage depot surfaced again during Hugh Elton’s survey in Alahan village (at which point the BIAA financed the relocation of the materials to a better site). 

In September 2005, Jackson and his team worked to study, catalogue, and integrate the material back into either the BIAA research collection or the Silifke Museum.  Approximately 70 crates of pottery and stone material were studied.  First, they emptied the Alahan depot and cleared it entirely of approximately 70 crates of pottery and stone material.  Then this material was washed, sorted, quantified, photographed, and re-bagged.  All this was done with the intent of documenting the type of ceramics that had been stored and creating an inventory of its items, publishing a report about the form, fabric, and context for the finds, establishing the way that local and regional ceramic trade functioned earlier, and determining whether Alahan had been occupied after the seventh century. 


Jackson, M. 2005: ‘Alahan pottery project’ Anatolian Archaeology 11, 23-24

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