Alacami Survey and Excavations

Location: Kadirli; Osmaniye Province

Years: 1997

Director: Richard Bayliss

Participants: Harun Kaya, Ayşe Salman

Funding: BIAA, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


The Alacami church is a very well-preserved Late Roman Church in what used to be Flaviopolis, significant for its construction.  It was surveyed in 1949 by Michael and Mary Gough during their work at Anazarbus, though their results remained unpublished and unrecognised until 1994.  Richard Bayliss visited the site in April 1994. 

In 1997, Bayliss returned to the site and in collaboration with Halet Çambel began research on the site: the main goal of the programme was to better understand the church’s chronology and phases.  Some keyhole excavations were undertaken within the apse, and other areas were cleared and excavated.  They also did some survey work, whose updated techniques allowed them to make some revisions to the plan made earlier by the Goughs.  They also looked into the types of materials used in the church’s construction.


Anatolian Archaeology 3: 14


Bayliss, R. 1997: ‘The Alacami in Kadirli: transformations of an ancient monument’ Anatolian Studies 47: 57-87

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