A Political Economy of Insecurity? The Making of Industrial Relations in Modern Turkey

Full Title: A political economy of insecurity? State and socio-economic actors in the making of industrial relations in modern Turkey

Year(s):  2012-2013

Grant Recipient: Didem Ozkiziltan, University of Bath


Funding:  BIAA

Under BIAA SRI(s):  Cultural heritage, society and the economy


Summary: This study investigates the institutionalisation of politico-economic insecurity in Turkish industrial relations during the 20th century. It highlights the centrality of the modern Turkish state in shaping the interests of, and interactions between, socio-economic actors in modern Turkish society and economy and adopts a long historico-institutionalist perspective, beginning with the Ottoman heritage and ending with Turkey's integration into the global economy

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Belongs to;
Contemporary Turkish Society & Politics
History, Politics and Social Sciences

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