A five thousand year history of climatic and cultural change in Cappadocia

Director: Neil Roberts

Summary: As part of the BIAA’s Climate History of Anatolia research initiative, we carried out detailed studies at Nar crater lake in Cappadocia to investigate the relationship between changes in climate and the emergence of complex societies in central Anatolia during the Holocene. One of the most significant features of Nar lake is that it is depositing annually laminated - or varved - bottom muds at the present-day, which potentially provide annual dating precision for past climate changes. Following earlier lake coring programmes in 2001 and 2002, in summer 2010 we conducted a fieldwork programme which recovered longer sediment cores and extended our record back to cover the last 13,800 years, that is from the Epi-Palaeolithic period through the present-day.


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