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The BIAA’s open access electronic publications initiative aims to publish substantial works which the BIAA considers especially well suited to the online format. The publications are arranged into a number of series. Please select the relevant category below.

These open access electronic publications are published by British Institute at Ankara under a Creative Commons Open Access license CCBY-NC 4.0 which permits reuse, distribution and reproduction in any medium for non-commercial purposes providing appropriate credit to the original work is given and any changes made are indicated. To view a copy of this license visit

Proposals from authors are welcomed. As with all BIAA publications, submissions will be subject to peer review. For further information, please contact Dr Tamar Hodos. Please note that this initiative will focus on substantial works and that articles for publication by the BIAA should be submitted to Anatolian Studies.

David French: A Life in Anatolian Archaeology

Contributions to the commemoration of David French, held at the Erimtan Museum, Ankara, on 30 September 2017

This engaging tribute to David French (1933–2017) brings together reflections on his life and career that range across continents and span key decades in the history of Anatolian archaeology...

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Roman Roads and Milestones of Asia Minor

Roman Roads and Milestones of Asia Minor 3: Milestones and Roman Roads 3.1–3.9 and Milestones of Asia Minor 4: Roads 4.1

David French devoted much of the later part of his career to a comprehensive study of the Roman Roads and Milestones of Asia Minor (RRMAM)...

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